How to Start Singing: What to Know Before Your First Lesson


Ready to learn how to start singing? There’s no need to be nervous about your first lesson – check out these top tips from Valencia, PA teacher Melody M.:

So you want to start singing? Great! You might be so excited you can’t wait for your first lesson. If you are like most people, you may also be filled with a little trepidation or even outright anxiety. Here are 5 pieces of advice to help make that first lesson a great one.

1. You Are Not Supposed To Know Anything Yet.
Your teacher is not a judge on American Idol. Remember that when you walk into your first lesson and first learn how to start singing, it is their job to teach you, not your job to impress them. Relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy learning how to sing from someone who has dedicated their life to it. They will appreciate you acknowledging their expertise, and you will be relieved from the pressure to perform.

2. Love Your Mistakes.
Mistakes are not mistakes, they are part of the learning process. Imagine that instead of learning to sing, you were learning to play guitar. Would you cringe and crumble every time you plucked the wrong note? Probably not. Guitar players understand that the best way to learn is to experiment with their instruments. The same goes for singing! Learn to love your mistakes – they will make you a better singer.

3. You are not Beyonce.
One of the most common complaints I hear from students is, “I want to sound like Beyonce… Kelly Clarkson… Ed Sheeran…” The truth is, you will probably never sound like the famous person you want to sound like. This is because each person is born with their own unique instrument, and there is no changing that. You wouldn’t yell at a ukulele because it doesn’t sound like a Fender Strat. Go into your first lesson excited to discover your own unique sound, and I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

4. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Before you begin your lessons know that singing well takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication. How long it will take you to sing well depends on your level of natural talent, the technique you are learning, your practice schedule, and how often you take lessons. Singers are vocal athletes, and muscle memory training takes time. Also remember that your teacher has been studying singing for many years. Don’t expect to match his or her level of mastery overnight.

5. Enjoy the Ride.
You and your teacher have one very important thing in common – you both love to sing. Remember what inspired you to start singing in the first place? Was it a concert you went to? A music video you watched? Perhaps a Broadway show that blew your mind? It is that fire that burns inside of your teacher, too. So much so, in fact, that they decided to make a life out of it. Never lose sight of this shared passion and allow yourself to enjoy the process as your journey unfolds.

Valencia music lessons with Melody M.Melody M. teaches singing, Broadway singing and songwriting to students of all ages in Valencia, PA, as well as through online lessons. A certified SLS (speech level singing) instructor, Melody joined the TakeLessons team in March 2009. Her specialties include pop, musical theater, jazz, rock and blues styles. Learn more about Melody here!


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  1. Seattle Guitar Lessons
    Seattle Guitar Lessons says:

    This is all so very true and definitely great for a beginner or someone who still has the wrong expectations on themselves and the process. As a guitar teacher I would say that their are plenty of people beginner guitar who do cringe at every mistake, but the same thing applies to them that you said in point #2.

  2. Classically Trained Singer
    Classically Trained Singer says:

    Begin with breathing exercises. Breathing exercises will allow you to better control the pitch and duration of your singing.Next, start warming up.Find your range.Try singing along to a song that you like with a voice recorder nearby.Drink plenty of water.Practice daily.


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