2 thoughts on “4 Surefire Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Piano Teacher

  1. I appreciate that this article mentioned that you should feel like you are learning enough from a piano teacher, like how your hands should be shaped when playing and other techniques. After all, learning those early on is a great way to make sure that you are playing the piano properly without putting too much strain on your hands and wrists. As far as I know, once you have the technique down, the more easily you’ll be able to play.

  2. Thanks for a useful article. My daughter has a piano teacher who has a very good reputation locally and always has a long waiting list. She holds her to a high standard and teaches professionally. But my daughter is a shy girl and is intimidated by this teacher. She dreads her lessons, regularly feels like she’s in “trouble” with the teacher and often comes out crying. She loves piano and wants to continue but says the lessons don’t inspire her to want to practice. I sit in on the lessons and the teacher is definitely good, she just has a traditional, high-discipline, old-school manner which doesn’t suit my daughter. I’ve been really struggling with what to do for her, as I am reluctant to let a good teacher go – and of course there’s nothing wrong with high standards and good discipline! This article has helped me understand the importance of just having a good connection with your teacher. I think we may need to just accept the personality difference and look elsewhere. Thanks again.

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