23 thoughts on “10 Easy Piano Songs for Kids & Beginners

  1. I just want to say thank you, My daughter is 10 and only just starting out, I know these are designed for younger then my daughter but it is still a big help for peaking her interest

  2. i wish to know hot to play piano from long time i wish i can learn verry verry fastin my contry i dont think there is somany place for piano

    1. Hi Mariam-Check out these piano apps to help get your started: /blog/piano-apps-worth-the-download Good luck!

  3. Thx who ever made this I’m 10 by the way and I wanted to say I NOW KNOW HOW TO PLAY FUR ELISE BECAUSE OF THIS YEAH 😉

  4. I love these and use them all the time for my nursery. Could you make some more websites for ukulele please.

  5. Wow! This’s really helpful. I was able to teach my little sister who is just 5. I would really appreciate more tutorials please.

  6. A big Thank You. I have been ZERO in music all my life, but could play a melodic tune for my 2yo daughter using this tutorial.

    A simple lesson to play “chaupai” and “doha” will be of great help if you can please.

    1. thx, im 12 and i know howto play harder songs but these really helped me teaching my 5 year old brother. plez post harder songs, it will help me alot

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