Quiz: What Genre Are You Destined to Sing?

Gypsy jazz. Hip hop. Americana. Rock. Pop. Country. Opera. There are so many styles of music, and so many amazing songs to sing in every genre.

So, which style of music should you devote your craft to? What kind of music were you born to sing? Are you a pop princess or a country songstress? Are you an opera baritone or rock star? Take this quiz and find out!

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So the next time you ask yourself “What song should I sing?”, consider a staple from one of these genres.

Choose a song that stands out to you, and work with your voice teacher to refine the style. Also, check out my guide to singing different genres here!

Don’t have a singing teacher yet? Start your search on TakeLessons.com, where you can find instructors who can teach you online or right in your neighborhood. You can even search for teachers who specialize in certain genres, like Broadway singing and country singing. Your voice coach will give you the guidance you need to transition smoothly to a new style on your musical journey, or just help you sound even fiercer in the one you’ve chosen!

Heather LPost Author: Heather L.
Heather L. teaches singing, piano, and more in St. Augustine, FL, as well as online. She studied opera and piano at Westminster Choir College, and performance art and improvisational acting at East Carolina University in North Carolina. Learn more about Heather here!

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