7 thoughts on “Piano Resources: 7 Piano Blogs We Love

  1. I already knew most of them, but Music Matters is in my opinion, one of the best looking websites I have ever seen.

  2. A great list! I’m surprise to see so many types of piano websites there can be. Maybe I’m too old fashioned… ha ha

  3. We ‘inherited’ an old player piano with a property we bought. How old is it, Serial #237832 Gulbransen
    and what is it worth?

  4. Music is one of the most beautiful things on earth that can provide benefits to anyone, including children. Music training can help children focus more on what they do. In addition, children also learn to coordinate body movements with vision, hearing, and also the brain when playing music. There are so many that we can get the benefits of learning music. clavis.nl

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