8 thoughts on “Tips for Beginners: Piano Hand Coordination Exercises

    1. Hey John! It definitely takes hard work and dedication! How long have you been playing? Are you working with a piano teacher, or learning on your own?

  1. Several cities offer outdoor pianos for anyone to play. There’s your audience, go entertain them. You don’t have to get paid to feel appreciated.

  2. Well for me its not been easy for the fact that its like 3years since i started trying to learn but i dnt have a piano for practise buh its all good…i could still play a few things when i see one anytime anyday..all i can say is God not by my power…keep your head up and make those keys sing for you .lolz. I know you can do it.. Stay blessed

      1. Great advice Victor Ogbemudia!! I’m with you on this!! Try your best and practice and you will get the hang of it.

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