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  1. Hi my name is kayla floyd I’m 12 years old and I want to be a singer and a rapper my favorite artist is Bruno mars and Nicki Manaj

    1. Hi Kayla, hope you enjoyed the article! Are you currently taking voice lessons? That’s a great way to improve your skills and get you on track to reach your goals 🙂

  2. Hey, my name is breanna but I go by bre. I’m currently 15 years old and I have been singing since I could talk. I have never taken vocal lessons, unless you count elementary and middle school choir. My dreams have always flown around the idea of preforming on a stage. I don’t really have a favorite artists because I enjoy most music. But if I chose, it would be Beyonce and Brantley Gilbert, very different styles but I love to sing along to both artists.

    1. Hi Bre! Thanks for your comment. That’s great that you have such diverse music interests! I love Beyonce too. Keep exploring and keep practicing! 🙂

  3. Hey, my name is Noor but I go by Nina , I’m 13 years old and I like to sing , it’s my hobby , my dream is to perform on stage . my favorite artists are Katy Perry and Victoria Justice .

  4. Hi my name is unique I’m 12 years old and my goal is to become a singer this is a promise that I will be someone in life…..the only inconvenience is that I’m so shy to even sing in front of people only my sisters that’s ALL I never sang in front of mom only in message I would just really like to break out of my shell and overcome this fear. Thank you.

    1. Hi Unique! It’s totally normal to feel shy or nervous singing in front of others – for many singers, it just takes practice to get used to that! Are you taking voice lessons? That might be a good start, to get used to singing in front of your teacher and then go from there. Your teacher can also help you feel more confident in your singing. Good luck!

  5. Hey! I’m Haley and I’m 18 years old. I’ve been wanting to expose my talent for over half of my life, and Now i’m really trying to see what all is out there and Available for a small town girl like me. I’d love to show the world my voice.

    1. Hi Haley! A few of the contests listed in this post are via online submissions, so that might be a great option for you! Also, are you taking voice lessons? A teacher can help you build your skills and also offer tips for performing and networking. Good luck!

    1. Hi Kanika! Are you taking voice lessons? A private teacher can help a ton as you build your skills and increase your confidence. You can run a search for teachers in your area here: /category/singing-lessons. Let me know if you need any help!

  6. hi i,m Tamicha i am really good at singing i have been singing since i was 3 and i,m really good my mom dad and grandma all said that i,m the best to them and i think i have a shot at winning. P.S i also have stage fright so could i maybe audition on line or in a video

  7. Hi. I’m Makayla. I’m 13.
    My goal since second grade was to be a singer.
    That’s all I do anymore. Sing.

    1. Hi Makayla, thanks for your comment! I checked out your YouTube channel – nice work! Looks like your kitten wants to play along 🙂

  8. hi im stephanie. i really love singing since i was 10… my parents say i should concentrate more on my studies….i always make music vids on various artists like jb miley nicky and ed but im soooo afraid to put them on youtube. my friends say my voice is good but stiil wat should i do im really afraid… my dream is to bcome one of the famous pop stars in the future. PLZZZZZZ HELP

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for your message! That’s awesome that you love singing – keep it up! Have you talked to your parents about taking singing lessons? Working with a voice coach can really help, even for singers with natural talent. It’ll take some balancing work with your studies, but it’s so worth it! Let us know if you need help finding a teacher in your area.

  9. Hi! I’m a 14 year old trying to expand my singing. I want to sing in front if crowds like K Michelle or Jacquees. Its my dream to this.

  10. Hey there,
    Myself Shruti. I am 13 year old and I am from Delhi,India. I am eligible to participate in this competition. It would be a great opportunity for me. Hoping for a positive response. Thanks and Regards,

  11. Hi guys I am 12 years old and I am a very good singer I sing like a pro 20 year old. I am not famous because I never song in front of any Person who might make me famous

  12. I want to become a great singer someday ..
    Im shy , I am not famous because I never song in front of many Person who might make me famous ..
    Favorite singer is Sam Tsui !

  13. Hi my name is Sage and I want to be a singer, rapper, and actress. I take voice lessons every Wednesday. I am 14.

  14. hi my name is Lottie, I would love to be a singer I am 12, I don’t have vocal lessons but in the passed I have done plenty of shows in the passed

  15. My name is Daniel I sing alone but I want to let others hear me I never knew what my talent was until I started singing. Please help me

    1. Hi Daniel – working with a voice teacher is a great first step! Have you checked out the TakeLessons teachers in your area? Let us know if you need help finding one or booking your first lesson!

  16. Hi my names graham,I have been singing since the age of 5 in South Africa, i have got some training on the streets and singed with various acapella groups,i haven be professionally trained due to my circumstances,im also a song writer and have been writing a few couple of songs,like”WHO AM I”,YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE and ,”CHRISTMAS WITH YOU.”
    I won a karaoke singing competition in Spain February 2015,the winning prize was a professional recording of my original song, “COME DANCE ”
    My dream is to be heard and to be seen by the whole world,im in a gage and i try to get out of it,i dont want my God giving talent to die,i want help from those who knows.I WOULD LOVE TO BE IN A BIG COMPETITION or even been recorded so i could shine and make others shine aswell,theres more to say,BUT THIS IS MY WISH.

  17. Check me out on you tube ” Kasst a flower”
    11 year old hits whistle register at ease , will be a singing sensation

  18. Hi my name is Anna and i am in choir for 6th grade and im trying out for solos and i hope to be a singer when i grow up

  19. Hi my name is Ahsan Saleem and I wanna be an singer in my life and to creat an intrests of people in my singing voice

  20. Hey, my name is Taylor and I’ve been singing since I was two years old. My goal is to be a country or pop singer on day. My ro models are Kelsea Ballerini, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift.

  21. hey. my name is shreya. i live in india and enter into hollywood as a singer. is it possible? if yes what are the things i should do?

    1. Hi Shreya! It’s definitely possible to start a career as a singer, not just in Hollywood, but anywhere! Check out this helpful blog post on how to become a professional singer. Hope that helps! Good luck 🙂

  22. Hi my name is D’Najah i m 13 years old and all i have wanted to do since i was 3 was sing i love to sing and i would love to be a worldwide singer.

  23. Hi guys i’m a songwriter who wants to be noticed if anybody needs a (never to be heard) song to sing i’ll write you one…

  24. Hi my name is sadie and im 11 years old. I have been singing since I could speak and I even have a Americas Got Talent audition in december.

  25. Hello my name is Kolby. I have can sing in contralto and soprano, also I can opera sing in contralto. I am recognized with many musicians and have tried singing multiple times and done above excellent. Can anyone help or talk to me about getting my career to the next step maybe with national TV shows or with producers. I know it isn’t easy but I would like to start some time this year.

  26. Hi my name is Alessandra i’m 13 and i want to be singer when i was little i always wanted to be a singer. They say that i’m good at singing and i want to show the world my talent ,but i don’t know how to show it…

    Best regards

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