10 thoughts on “How to Enter (& Win) Singing Contests & Competitions

    1. I have an amazing voice and I can memorize songs very quickly my mom says that I can do this because I can relate what the songs mean.

  1. Hi Milton! I am very much impressed by your post!! For new singers entering the singing contests is a great opportunity as it helps them to gain recognition around the globe. The singer must treat his judges as his audience and must take all of their suggestions for his improvements not consider them as critics. Also, I agree with your points that one must choose song according to his voice and must feel confident. Thanks!!

  2. Hi my name is Lereece naidoo.
    Hi my name is Vinese naidoo.
    Hi my name is Amisha naidoo.
    Hi my name is Ntokozo qwabe.
    We are a singing group,our voices are the best all our ages are 11 and we are in grade 5 when we grow up we want to be singers and we can dance really well.But we still need a group name and we are working on the name.

  3. If you are a singer and looking for a break, then this tip can help you enter a contest where you will get a platform to showcase your skills. Was a great blog
    Thank you

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