12 thoughts on “50 Facts about Spain & Spanish Culture

  1. I have read all the 50 interesting facts about Spain and almost all of them are kinda true.
    But there are some like numbers 15 or 26 that annoys me a little bit.
    Number 15 talk about the “siesta” and all that; let me tell you that the majority of people I know actually, don’t take a “siesta”. And number 26, I can´t deny that is not true. But it make spaniards look like if we were dirty people, and most of us are not.

    I just wanted to say how a feel about this statements from a spanish point of view. I hope this might help.Sorry for the errors in my grammar
    By the way, I’m a spanish 16 years old girl that is kinda tired of spanish stereotypes.

  2. I’m English and living in Spain. I take a siesta almost every day and find it a great way to recharge the batteries. Un saludo!

  3. «Madrid is in the physical center of the country and the plaza Puerta del Sol is the exact center of the country.»

    Wrong! The exact center of the country is traditionally considered to be Cerro de los Ángeles, a hill near Madrid.

    But there is small stone slab in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol that sets the Zero Kilometer point, the point from which distances are measured in Spain, specifically, it’s the starting point for measuring the distances of the country’s six national roads.

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