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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Unleash your authentic voice.

My singing lessons focus of learning how to select songs for your voice and transpose them into the key best suited for your vocal range to help you sing with more ease, making your voice - POP! I help singers develop powerful, authentic voices. If you want to sing with more ease and freedom, deepen your understanding of your vocal instrument and learn tools to help you become more confident performing in public whether it be singing or speaking, THIS is for you! Optimize your voice by understanding how it works. I use multifaceted exercises to help you find and feel the difference in sound immediately, and we follow-up by with learning daily exercise protocols that help develop the muscular structure to create an easily sustainable vocal resonance. Singing skills we will develop include: 1) Learn how to hear your starting pitch 2) Learn how rhythm helps you count yourself in at the beginning of the song Learn singing exercises that help you: * Increase your range * Broaden vocal tone * Explore dynamics * Cultivate calm energy * Feel better about your voice My teaching style is infused with the knowledge that students of voice must be treated with great care and encouragement. My training includes 12 years of one-on-one training in apprenticeship for the field. Let me help you release your authentic voice!
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Pre-Reqs: Students must be able to read their language of choice for song lyrics at minimum of 3rd grade level. Single lesson auditions can be scheduled for prospective students less than 9 years old. Health safety protocols: In-person lessons available for symptom-free singers who are also Covid-19 vaccinated or can provide negative PCR test within 48 hours of the lesson. My studio has an Alpine Air Living Purifiers with ion generator and oxygen sanitizer with over 10 feet of physical distancing space available. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you a singer or speaker who would like a more powerful, authentic voice? My focus is to assist you in finding an easier way to sustain your best posture, breath support, resonance and pitch control by bringing awareness to existing vocal habits while providing a hands-on experience adjusting those habits. My mission is to help you find your most relaxed & elongated posture, breath support, full resonance and best pitch control. I help you learn vocal assessment, enhance your understanding of how your voice is generated and help you bring attention to which muscular changes will help you adjust and change your vocal sound. My specialty as a professional voice teacher is Contemporary Commercial Music [CCM] which encompasses genres & sub-genres from Pop, Country, Hip/Hop, Folk, Rock, R&B, Soul, Gospel, EDM [electronic dance music], etc. I feel that my background in choral singing and subsequent vocal training in bel canto provide a unique comprehension of how to assist singers who are adding the ability to vocally perform diverse musical genres with authenticity. I grew up singing freely and naturally until I destroyed my voice thru improper, frequent overuse. I believed my career was over, but it was just starting. Private lessons with vocal professionals coupled with academic studies rebuilt my perception of how I was generating sound and their training gave me back MY VOICE, for which I am forever grateful. I combine knowledge from these studies and my own vocal exploration to re-build my voice in exercises that I share with students of voice. I CAN HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOALS: My cross-training in dance, yoga, Tai Chi, commercial & improvisational acting provides a well-rounded platform from which to deliver information, guide vocal explorers and also help develop talent. EXPERIENCE: * 25 years teaching experience * 12 years living & working in Los Angeles * A lifetime of performing experience * 12 years personal private vocal studies with master teachers of bel canto & contemporary singing techniques. LIFE SKILLS: No matter the subject, my focus is also teach skills that can be extrapolated into any area of your life. Life Skills focuses on eradicating negative self-talk and expanding communication skills that help develop confidence, enhancing daily life. MY STORY: In 1997, between performances and my own artistic studies, I took on my first voice student after sharing the story of my vocal journey with a friend whose young cousin was sharing a similar experience of vocal fatigue after singing, but lacked the tools to address it. I didn't actually intend to start a teaching career, but the ability to help someone change their vocal output so dramatically became such a glorious thing to experience that the seed to teach was planted. Even after moving to Los Angeles in 2000 to focus on performance, my teaching skills burst through when my fabulous voice teacher requested me for her regular substitute at Culver City and Santa Monica Music Schools [2008-2012]. She said she trusted me with their voices, which encouraged me into full-time voice teaching practice. In June 2012, I returned to Minneapolis and began teaching in my home studio through music services like Take Lessons. Past projects include producing a vocal showcase at The Ritz Theater, musical direction & choreography for a school's 2016 production of the Wizard of Oz; assisting students to prepare for local & national auditions like La Banda, The Voice & American Idol; prepping singers for studio recordings and congratulating singers who step out of the chorus to land their first lead role! I am forever grateful to all of my teachers, past and present, for their valuable gifts of knowledge, skill, grace and compassion. ENJOY LIFE MORE! Singing & dancing improves our quality of life. *** STUDIO POLICIES *** Always know that any personal data shared will be held in strict confidence. CANCELLATIONS Mutual 24-hour advance notice agreement states both parties will respect the difficulty of planning schedules by providing 24-hour notice to change a reserved lesson time. * Cancellations within 24-hours of lesson require an email, phone call or text - Lessons not cancelled w/24-hour notice are the responsibility of the cancelling party to makeup

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Teacher's Studio
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Posted Jun 1, 2023
Teacher's studio

It was a very pleasant and helpful experience. I felt very comfortable to engage immediately.

Posted May 29, 2023
Teacher's studio

Arlys did an introductory lesson for with our 11 year old son. It went great! He wants to do more.

Posted May 21, 2023
Voice Teacher/Vocal Coach
Jun 2009 - May 2012
Culver City Music School
Los Angeles: Substitute for my voice teacher during her vacations.
Voice Teacher/Vocal Coach
Jun 2009 - May 2012
Santa Monica Music School
Los Angeles: Substitute for my voice teacher during her vacations.
Associate of Music
Feb 2011 - Feb 2013
Santa Monica College
Native Proficiency
#1 Carnatic Music Instructor
Aug 2015
National Association of Teachers of Singing
Jul 2014
Founded in 1944, National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. (NATS) is the largest professional association of teachers of singing in the world with more than 7,000 members worldwide.

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