3 thoughts on “Taming the Piece Beast: An Easy Tip to Memorize Piano Music

  1. Please pardon, I sent you a message through your profile, but I don’t think you received it because I received lots of information from Takelessons about taking lessons, but no mention of a record for my question. Pretty please, I was just wondering if you could briefly explain how to memorize the smallest building block–the measure. I’ve tried by repetition, attempting to see the instrument and sheet music in my mind, by ear, and by analytics, but nothing seems to work and stay put–after I memorize the next little bit I forget the last part, so I can only keep in memory the measure or two I’m currently working on. Your piece does a marvelous job of how to construct the structure, but could you please append a technique for forming a solid brick–so the edifice doesn’t come crashing down?

    1. Hello Daniel, Unfortunately, I am not a teacher who would be able to make suggestions about memorizing the measure. My apologies.

  2. I would like to see you try and memorize Chopin prelude #8, first page in only a half hour lolol. It took me 30 mins for only one measure on the page and around 4 hrs for the whole page.

    It will still take time to memorize forward first, but I imagine the backwards would be relatively simple since you already have it memorized forward. So when you say 30 mins, you might have meant on the backside LOL

    I think the idea of memorizing forwards, then backwards is an interesting approach, I may try that with this prelude. It’s a beast.

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