3 thoughts on “How to Be a Singer: Finding Gigs as a Backup Vocalist

  1. First thing to become a backup vocalist is to listen closely.Find proper modulation.Backup singers basically help create a fuller overall vocal sound, so never let your voice stick out.Remember, backup singing is not a contest it’s a team effort.

  2. Monitors are key .Whether you use floor monitors or in-ears, this may be the most important ingredient in your backup singing ability.Never stick out.Begin and end each phrase exactly along with the other backup singers.Get your head straight.

  3. I’m a very versatile all-around singer.. I can cover most songs and have a very large.. and I love it all.. how do I find out if famous people are looking for a backup singers.. I also want to do a interview program where I sing a song and particularly why it was important to me in my life and asked the singer to explain why they wrote it and what it means..
    I’d be looking to help somebody out who obviously is. Maybe older and needs help..

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