5 Singing Auditions Gone Wrong – And How to Bounce Back

We’ve all had one at some point or another – a bad audition. You prepare like crazy for that singing competition that you swear up and down you’re going to nail. However, despite 30 minutes of scales first thing in the morning and an entire day in line spent practicing, you walk into the audition with your head held oh-so-high only to walk out feeling like your head was handed back to you on a lovely silver platter.

Below are a few singers who didn’t quite measure up to the singing competition they auditioned for. No worries though – there is something to take away from each of these auditions that have gone horribly, horribly wrong.

The Singing Souls

What they lack in vocal quality, they sure make up for in confidence. They might say anybody can outsell the Spice Girls, but these girls really could have learned a thing or two about performing with stage presence had they had a chance to attend a Spice Girls concert. Although, the Singing Souls were most likely belting in diapers while the Spice Girls were out touring the world.


“Anybody can learn how to sing, but anybody can’t be like me.” Unfortunately, if you’re going to want to compete with JLo and Mariah on the charts, you’re going to need to know how to sing. One out of two ain’t bad, eh Rhonetta?

J Star Valentine 

Picking the right audition song can make or break your audition. He’s definitely got the look, but sometimes you just have to stick to what you know.

Mary Roach

The moral of this story: if all your friends tell you that you’re a great singer… get a second professional opinion.

Qualtrel Da’an Smith

Looks can be highly deceiving. OK, so this audition wasn’t actually that bad at all. We wouldn’t suggest auditioning for a singing competition in this outfit, but Qualtrel captured the essence of what it means to get up on stage and own your performance. Baby, you were born this way!

All jokes aside, an audition gone wrong is merely a practice test better preparing us for our final exam. Every singer loves a good singing competition, but not every singing competitor knows how to sing. Like Rhonetta said, though, anyone can sing. Prepare your material months in advance, set aside plenty of time to practice every day, and power through your audition with confidence and poise. You may find yourself in the middle of an audition that has suddenly gone south, but if you buckle down, re-focus and remain true to yourself, you can show those judges just how determined you are to win, and you may be able to bounce right back up like our superstar in the making, Qualtrel!


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Photo by Sheryl Pouls

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