Singing Basics: Where to Find Free Voice Lessons Online

Where To Find Online Voice LessonsWant to improve your voice and feel more confident in your singing? Vocal training is great for helping you develop your range, sing with expression, and learn proper breathing techniques. If you’re nervous about starting voice lessons or there’s no voice teacher near you, however, online vocal lessons can offer the same benefits of in-person voice lessons. A growing number of vocalists, voice teachers, and music schools offer paid online voice lessons, done through video chat services like Skype, but you can also find many free voice lessons online, which can be great for supplementing your lessons. Here are a few resources to check out:

Voice Lessons on YouTube

You can find thousands of free voice lessons on YouTube, from warm-up ideas to demonstrating specific vocal techniques and more. Keep in mind, however, that these are just introductions to the techniques, and you’ll need ongoing practice and guidance to improve.

Also, keep in mind that not all YouTube channels with free voice lessons are appropriate for every level. We recommend starting out with a playlist like this one designed for beginners. Work your way through it and try incorporating one lesson a day into your practice sessions!

YouTube can also be a great resource for watching professional vocalists on stage or during performances. Instead of looking for guidance on specific techniques, examine their energy during the performance, their confidence, and how they incorporate their unique style into the piece. You can then take these observations as you develop your own style.

Sample Voice Lessons Online

Some voice teachers also offer sample lessons on their website. While these won’t replace ongoing vocal studies, they can serve as a great introduction. If you’re thinking about taking voice lessons in person, the free voice lessons on a voice teacher’s website can show you the teacher’s style, temperament, and perhaps their level of experience with the music styles you’re interested in learning.

Finally, many music schools offer similar sample courses, if you’re considering continuing your studies in an academic setting.

But Are They Enough?

Overall, while many free voice lessons are available online, they are not a good substitute for working with a voice teacher in person – or at the very least, with live online lessons, where you can get real-time tips and support. Your voice teacher should be able to look at your posture and breathing, which can help put a halt to bad technique before it turns into a bad habit!

In the end, whether you take singing lessons online or in person will boil down to your personal preferences. Finding the right teacher is half the battle, and that teacher might be down the road from you, or perhaps on the other side of the country. If you really want to improve, make the investment and sign up for private lessons. The one-on-one guidance you receive is invaluable, and can help you progress faster than you ever imagined.  Good luck, and have fun!

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