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    ¡Hola! ¡Bienvenido! Hello and Welcome!

    my name's Jason and I love Spanish and Latin America.

    I majored in Spanish at UC Davis, lived in Mexico for 3 years where I completed a Master's degree in Counseling, studied Spanish Literature and Psychology at the University of Costa Rica for 7 months and have traveled around a few other Latin American Countries.

    I can do conversation classes and academic ones too. I have a lot of material and activities to facilitate fun learning. My command of the language is almost native. I prefer to work with those who really want to learn, just so we both use our time wisely. I work best with those who already have a base on Spanish but want to prefect their grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, listening and overall language skills.

    Want to find out what lessons with me are like? Check out the 10
    articles I wrote on the TakeLessons blog here:











    *** Specialties ***
    -Spanish conjugation
    -Spanish vocabulary
    -Spanish grammar
    -Spanish conversation/pronunciation

    Photos and Videos

    Tutoring my youngest student, getting creative with Spanish colors!


    English Teacher

    Feb 2011 - Jun 2013

    Private and Group English classes to business executives


    MA in International Counseling Psychology

    Mar 2011 - Jul 2013
    Alliant International University in Mexico City

    BA in Spanish & Psychology

    Sep 2006 - Jun 2010
    UC Davis

    Languages Spoken


    Fluent / Native Proficiency


    Fluent / Native Proficiency


    Latin American Family Therapy

    Jul 2013
    Alliant International University

    BA in Spanish

    Jul 2010
    UC Davis



    Feb 2009
    UC Davis
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    4 Reviews on Jason N. L.

    Stephen Aug 13, 2015
    Spanish · In home
    Jason inspired me to have a break-through with my Spanish. As a nurse with many Hispanic patients, after only 3 classes with Jason, I successfully triage'd a patient using almost all Spanish. I was pretty stoked about the whole thing. It was a really good confidence boost to not only use it and be understood by the lady, but I understood her too. Not every little word, mind you, but I was able to pick out a lot of the context and figure out what was going on. Working with Jason makes me feel like I'm opening up a whole new avenue in my practice, even after 15 years of repetition. I have Jason to thank for this and it's just boosted me towards learning more.
    Laura Aug 9, 2015
    Spanish · In home
    Jason is a quality Spanish teacher. Not only does he have a native command of the language (as verified by my Latino co-worker), but Jason is also a skilled language instructor. Two attributes of Jason that I particularly value are his attention to detail and the way he highlights language patterns to facilitate learning. It is evident that Jason has a huge passion for teaching Spanish.
    Sara Jitilmin. Jul 31, 2015
    Spanish · Online
    Jason was extremely helpful in teaching. We went over many topics and he had a strong command on all. Not only does he know the language inside and out, but he also makes it fun. I can have basic conversations in Spanish now because of him. I also appreciate Spanish-speaking culture more too.
    Annette H. May 12, 2015
    Spanish · In home
    Verified Student
    My son found Jason to be very knowledgeable patient and very experienced.
    Jason worked very well with my teenage son in every area of Spanish. We would use him again for sure