The 50 Most Beautiful French Words You’ll Ever Hear | Infographic and Audio

Beautiful French Words - HeaderWhen you think of speaking French, what comes to mind?

If you’re picturing candlelit dinners, incredible art, and grand romance, you’re not alone.

French is known as the language of love, and just about everything in French sounds lovely. So here are 50 beautiful French words for your enjoyment.

Some of these beautiful French words were selected for their pleasant sound, while others were chosen based on their meaning.

Beautiful French Words

Hear the Beautiful French Words:

Read by French Tutor Carol Beth L.


50 Beautiful French Words

  1. ange – angel (masc.)
  2. baleine – whale (fem.)
  3. bisou – kiss (masc.)
  4. brindille – twig (fem.)
  5. brûler – to burn
  6. brume – mist (fem.)
  7. câlin – hug (masc.)
  8. chaleur – heat (fem.)
  9. chatoyer – to shimmer
  10. chaussettes – socks (fem.)
  11. mon chouchou – my little cabbage, said as a term of endearment (masc.)
  12. citronnade – lemonade (fem.)
  13. citrouille – pumpkin (fem.)
  14. coquillage – seashell (masc.)
  15. croquis – sketch (masc.)
  16. dépaysement – the feeling of being in another country (masc.)
  17. doux – soft
  18. écarlate – scarlet
  19. éclatant – brilliant, dazzling, gleaming
  20. empêchement – a last minute difficulty (masc.)
  21. épanoui – blooming, joyful, radiant
  22. éphémère – ephemeral
  23. étoile – star (masc.)
  24. feuilles – leaves (fem.)
  25. flâner – to stroll aimlessly
  26. floraison – bloom (fem.)
  27. grelotter – to shiver
  28. hirondelle – swallow (bird) (fem.)
  29. libellule – dragonfly (fem.)
  30. loufoque – wild, crazy, far-fetched
  31. luciole – firefly (fem.)
  32. myrtille – blueberry (fem.)
  33. noix de coco – coconut (fem.)
  34. nuage – cloud (masc.)
  35. orage – thunderstorm (masc.)
  36. pamplemousse – grapefruit (masc.)
  37. papillon – butterfly (masc.)
  38. parapluie – umbrella (fem.)
  39. pastèque – watermelon (fem.)
  40. péripatéticien – wanderer (masc.)
  41. piscine – swimming pool (fem.)
  42. plaisir – pleasure (masc.)
  43. pleuvoir – to rain
  44. plonger – to dive
  45. retrouvailles – the happiness of seeing someone again after a long time (fem.)
  46. singulier – so odd it’s one of a time
  47. sirène – mermaid (fem.)
  48. soleil – sun (masc.)
  49. sortable – someone you can take anywhere without being embarrassed
  50. tournesol – sunflower (masc.)

Want to build your French vocabulary? Try these 10 tips to learning new words fast!

Learning new vocabulary can be one of the hardest parts of studying French because the words often seem strange and unusual. Use these tips to “decode” the language so you can memorize French vocabulary fast.

1. Look for Roots

When you can, memorize words that share a root at the same time.

For example, when you learn “écrire” (to write), you can also learn “écrivain” (writer) and “l’écrire” (the act of writing). This increases your vocabulary exponentially, plus words and their meanings will stick more clearly in your memory since you learned the whole family of words together.

2. Know Your Cognates

As you study French, make a list of French/English cognates (words that sound the same and share the same meaning).

To study, write your cognates on a piece of paper in two columns (one for French and one for English) and quiz yourself by folding the piece of paper vertically in half. Test your ability to remember both the English meaning and the French word.

3. Practice With Your Textbook

Most language books have illustrations of new vocabulary.

Looking at the illustrations, describe them using the vocabulary you already know or have studied, and then read the captions underneath the pictures to see how well you did. Notice how the new words are used in context.

4. Three is a Magic Number

If you’re really struggling to memorize vocabulary words, write each French word three times in French and once in English. Then write the French word again without looking back. Check to see if you wrote it correctly.

5. Listen and Repeat

Look for digital recordings of vocabulary words, pronounced in French and in English. Try listening to these once, then repeat each word in French while listening to it a second time. There are many great French videos on YouTube that can help you memorize vocabulary and also practice listening and speaking.

Are you a Netflix subscriber? Check out our monthly guides to the best French movies on Netflix to practice your listening skills the fun way!

6. Use it in a Sentence

For each vocabulary word, write a sentence using it. Try to make your sentence memorable. Context is often a key to remembering new vocabulary.

7. Make Associations

Make associations with words you are familiar with in English.

For example, look at the French verb “rencontrer.” While it means to meet or find, another meaning is “to encounter.” Make the association between these two words so you will be able to recall both the meaning and the word itself in French.

8. French Word of the Day

Choose a ‘word of the day’ each day.

Each day, take the French word you have chosen to study and write it on a few post-its with or without its English equivalent. Place the post-its in places you will see them throughout the day, like the bathroom mirror, the monitor on your computer, or in your planner.

You’ll see the word many times as you go about your day, and by the end of the day you should have it memorized!

9. Write it Down

If your goal is to increase your vocabulary rapidly by quickly memorizing additional words in French, keep a notebook of new words you encounter in class, in books, and in conversations or talk on the radio that you hear. Keeping a written record of words you are learning allows you to review and track your progress.

10. Do it Daily

Make studying French vocabulary a regular part of your day.

The key to learning a new language rapidly is studying it regularly. It doesn’t have to be a long time; just a few minutes, each day, can make a huge difference.

Add even more beautiful words to your vocabulary by studying with a private tutor to learn how to speak French!

Interested in Private Lessons?

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  1. Gentil
    Gentil says:

    One French word resume so nicely the creativity of this language. It is the “chicken Oyster”.
    Chicken oysters are simply the two small, oyster-shaped pieces of dark meat that lie on either side of a whole chicken’s backbone. Arguably the best part of the chicken, these tender bits are frequently known as the chef’s reward for cooking.
    Frenchies call this exquisite but hidden parts of chicken: le “sot-l’y-laisse”
    A direct translation of this word could be: a “fool forgets it there”…
    How it sounds is as pleasant to the ears as it melts so tastely in mouth.

  2. pavitra
    pavitra says:

    Currently i am learning french. Your collection is critical resource for me. Thanks for great share.


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