11 thoughts on “The 50 Most Beautiful French Words You’ll Ever Hear | Infographic and Audio

  1. One French word resume so nicely the creativity of this language. It is the “chicken Oyster”.
    Chicken oysters are simply the two small, oyster-shaped pieces of dark meat that lie on either side of a whole chicken’s backbone. Arguably the best part of the chicken, these tender bits are frequently known as the chef’s reward for cooking.
    Frenchies call this exquisite but hidden parts of chicken: le “sot-l’y-laisse”
    A direct translation of this word could be: a “fool forgets it there”…
    How it sounds is as pleasant to the ears as it melts so tastely in mouth.

  2. “péripatéticien” is to talk about someone who follows the Aristotle’s doctrine, a wanderer is “un vagabond” in french.

  3. Currently i am learning french. Your collection is critical resource for me. Thanks for great share.

    1. I am a french teacher in one the international school in Johannesburg and i need please some documentation for my students such as posters mean french posters it will help a lot.

      thank you

  4. I don’t now what’s so beautiful about “chaussette” theres so many other beautiful words in french that you didn’t list !, these are just primary words that you learn in middle school or kindergarten …… (Im french so I now what im talking about ….)

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