15 Showstopping Baritone Audition Songs

baritone audition songsLooking for baritone audition songs? You’ve come to the right place. One of the most difficult aspects of an audition is selecting the right song to sing.

When considering your audition song, you need to think about whether the tune shows off your voice without forcing you to sing notes you can’t reach, whether it conveys the right emotions for the part you’re auditioning for, and whether it will help you stand out from the competition. Here are just a few ideas to get you started…

Baritone Audition Songs

  • “I Can’t Stand Still” – Footloose
  • “Forest for the Trees” – Spitfire Grill
  • “The Sweetest Sounds” – No Strings
  • “Pretty Women” – Sweeney Todd
  • “Greased Lightning” – Grease
  • “Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond
  • “Light My Fire” – The Doors

While there are numerous options of baritone audition songs in musical theater, you also have many rock and pop options. Keep reading for more great choices to consider! We’ll discuss each song in detail so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your unique voice and audition.

15 Baritone Audition Songs

1. “I Can’t Stand Still” – Footloose

“I Can’t Stand Still” from Footloose is an excellent option for showing off the energy in your voice. This jazzy and upbeat audition song is ideal for musicals that have a similar, lighthearted feel. One big advantage is that you don’t need to have a wide range to sing this song.

2. “Forest for the Trees” – Spitfire Grill

To impress musical directors with your rendition of “Forest for the Trees” from Spitfire Grill, consider incorporating some acting into your performance. This is the perfect way to exemplify your ability to interpret lyrics. “Forest for the Trees” is quite a challenging piece, as it includes a number of high notes. If you can sing it well, it will definitely help you make an impact at your audition!

3. “The Sweetest Sounds” – No Strings

If your audition calls for a slow piece, “The Sweetest Sounds” from No Strings is a good option. This is your chance to show you can make a gentle and romantic piece also powerful and interesting. As with any slower tempo piece, it’s essential to incorporate emotion to keep the attention of your audience. And because No Strings is a comedy, this song is best suited for auditions for comedic musical theater works.

4. “Pretty Women” – Sweeney Todd

“Pretty Women” is another piece that involves lyrical interpretation in your performance, both through the emotion in your voice and some acting on stage. It’s a wonderful piece to show off your singing skills because of the juxtaposition of lighthearted passages with the serious, darker areas. Similarly, while some parts of the piece involve singing very softly and emphatically, other parts are powerful and romantic.

5. “Greased Lightning” – Grease

For an audition in a rock musical, there is probably no better choice than “Greased Lightning” from Grease. While not very difficult to sing as it has a limited range, “Greased Lightning” is all about showing off your energy and the power of your voice. It’s also a great choice for incorporating acting and a bit of dancing. If you’re looking for male audition songs, you should definitely consider “Greased Lightning.”

Pop and Rock Baritone Audition Songs

For pop and rock gigs, it’s best to consider the range of the original artists as you look for an audition songs. Any of the following pieces are good options for baritone singers.

6-8. “Sweet Caroline,” “Forever in Blue Jeans,” or “America” – Neil Diamond

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9-11. “Light My Fire,” “Riders on the Storm,” or “People Are Strange” – The Doors

12-14. “It’s Been Awhile,” “So Far Away,” or “Epiphany” – Staind

15. “The Clouding” – Iced Earth

So there you have it! You can choose any of the above baritone audition songs for musical theater, pop, or rock. Start practicing, work with a vocal coach, and you’ll be well on your way to impressing your audience.

Do you have any other suggestions for baritone audition songs? Let us know in the comments section below. Good luck on your future audition and remember – confidence is key!

Photo by: Eva Rinaldi

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