10 Incredibly Talented Animals Playing The Piano

They say that music soothes the savage beast. If that’s true, these amazing animals are miles away from savage. Get ready for some seriously cute material, and check out these four-legged pianists!

1. Nora The Piano Cat

Can you even talk about animals playing the piano without mentioning Nora the Piano Cat? According to her bio, this talented feline observed her owner giving piano lessons and decided to take matters into her own paws. Nora reportedly practices the piano daily and recently performed live via webcam in a “Catcerto” with orchestral accompaniment.

2. Tucker The Schnoodle

Another dedicated pianist, Tucker the Schnoodle, practices his craft three to four times a day according to his humans. Not content with merely tickling the ivories, Tucker sings to accompany his playing.

3. Peter The Elephant

This pachyderm loves playing the piano with the tip of his trunk! Peter lives in an elephant sanctuary in Thailand where he is free to explore his musical talent. He even dabbles in playing the clarinet!

4. Otters

Otters are known as the curious and playful puppies of the sea. So naturally, when this group of otters at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo were given the chance to try out a keyboard, things got a little loud.

5. The Bunny

Of course, some performers are divas. This house bunny plays piano, but not without the promise of tasty treats from her human.

6. Thimble The Pig

Speaking of divas, Thimble the Pig is in a class all her own. She has her own instrument, fabulous costumes, and don’t forget the treats!

7. Keyboard Cat

A true pioneer in the field of animals playing the piano, Keyboard Cat was originally filmed in 1984, well before the rise of YouTube. Although Keyboard Cat, AKA Fatso, has long passed away, he continues to inspire the next generation of piano-playing animals.

8. Bella the Dog

Okay, Bella isn’t technically playing the piano, but with assistance from a human friend, this still makes for a pretty hilarious video.

9. The Hedgehog

The hedgehog’s piano composition starts with a walking bassline, and keeps moving all the way up the keys.

10. Shaeffer And Norm

For the grand finale, a puppy duet! These two make a great pair, and their rendition of “Happy Birthday” is sure to make you smile.

What do you think? Which animal plays piano the best? Let us know in the comments below!


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