4 thoughts on “Lessons With Jimi: Tips for Teaching a Piano Student with Alzheimer’s

  1. Your words and experience are so rich. Thank you

    I am planning to teach a group of special students tonight as a volunteer and needed some insights as to what I am getting into. I can do all that you have shared. I love teaching at the pace of the children. I will do so. Brenda Gananway

  2. This is fascinating to me. My husband and I are just starting out in life, and I’ve been teaching music as a side stream of income. I adore teaching piano, and it has now grown to the point of bringing in an equal amount of income as my day job (which isn’t impressive, I’m an hourly worker who has been cut down to 19 hrs a week, haha!)

    I’ve been thinking about approaching retirement/nursing homes in the area about offering piano lessons to the residents, and my husband thinks I’m crazy. We’re too broke for me to do any volunteer work, which means that playing piano at retirement homes (which I used to love) can’t happen any more. I miss my old people. I just know that engaging in music with elderly people has great potential to enrich their lives. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this content!! I can totally see how all of this would be true, but much of it I would not have thought of in advance!

    This really is incredibly insightful. There is a dearth of information about this subject on the internet, and you took the time to share. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Does her relative/ care giver stay for the lesson? I’m thinking of perhaps a situation when something might go south? I may have just found an opportunity to do this same thing and I’d love to. Just want to be competent in the other-than-piano-teaching department!

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