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Trending Jewelry Design Articles

Jewelry Design Lessons

Have you ever looked at your mom’s jewelry and thought to yourself, “I think I could do that?” Perhaps you’ve checked out some of your own jewelry and thought, “I wonder how they made it look that way?”

Well, if that’s the case, then jewelry design lessons are just for you! Whether you’re interested in jewelry making for fun or for profit, at TakeLessons, our certified Jewelry design lessons teachers are experts in the craft. They will devise the perfect class for you to learn and improve your skills.

And jewelry design isn’t just for adults. Kids and people of all ages can learn to have fun, build confidence, increase focus and concentration, and improve critical motor skills, all while having a great time making precious jewelry.

Certified Jewelry Design Lessons Teachers

At TakeLessons, we understand that student achievement is a formula of desire, work ethic, and teacher impact. We background screen all of our over 6,000 different instructors to certify that they meet our high standards.

And we make signing up for classes easy. To get started, browse through our list of certified jewelry design teachers who match your needs, agree on a price, discuss your interests, and get to designing!

And what’s easier than that is knowing that our lessons are priced to be affordable, with the average cost of a lesson being in the range of $35 for half-hour instruction to $65 for an hour. When you meet with your teacher, choose between in-person classes or take the best online jewelry design lessons offered anywhere from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Ready to get started? Sign up today at TakeLessons and master the art of jewelry design.

Jewelry Design Online Lessons for All Ages

If you think that jewelry design must be for adults only, think again!

There are plenty of types of jewelry designs that are safe and fun for kids of all ages. So whether you’re looking for arts and crafts or hobbies for your little guys, our jewelry design lessons for kids will captivate their imaginations, providing a lifetime of fun and enjoyment.

Our classes are specialized to help students of all ages learn the basics or master the craft for adults. As a lifelong skill, jewelry design is perfect for adults and seniors to maintain their manual dexterity and strengthen their focus as well.

Jewelry Design Lessons for All Levels

Regardless of your experience, at TakeLessons, we have a jewelry design class ideal for you. That’s because we create individual lessons for every one of our students to learn at their own pace.

From jewelry design lessons for beginners to experts, every class curriculum is catered to match your goals, interests, and abilities, so if you’re looking for a hobby, we’ve got you covered. If you’re an expert looking to make your jewelry ready to sell, our certified instructors will help you understand all aspects of design for sale and how to navigate the marketplace.

Jewelry Design Lessons Curriculum

Customizable classes designed for every student are what we offer at TakeLessons, making every class curriculum unique. If you’re just starting out or looking to sell your jewelry on Etsy and other venues, we will create the perfect lesson plan to assist you.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Jewelry Design Lessons

If you’ve never had any experience making jewelry and don’t have the first clue where to start, our jewelry design lessons for beginners are the perfect place.

A sample curriculum for beginner jewelry design will teach the fundamentals of the craft, such as:

  • Basics elements of design: harmony, balance, contrast, proportion, and emphasis
  • How to illustrate ideas and concepts, shapes, forms, and textures
  • The tools of the trade needed for different jewelry types
  • Technique development, such as knitting, weaving, and crocheting for jewelry

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Jewelry Design Lessons

If you’ve had some experience or previous classes in jewelry design, you’ll want to pursue our intermediate lessons to strengthen your skills and understanding.

A sample of the curriculum with intermediate courses may focus on:

  • Render faceted gems, pearls, colored metals, and more
  • Learn the different types of design
  • Gemology

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Jewelry Design Lessons

If you have a wealth of experience in jewelry design, our advanced classes will be catered to help you grow based on your specifications.

A sample curriculum may entail:

  • Conceptualizing your jewelry design for a consumer market
  • Crafting jewelry and designing accessories for consumers
  • Preparing for shows and exhibits
  • Understanding how to market your jewelry, and basics of the business from wholesale to retail.

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If you’re ready to sign up and get started on a rewarding hobby and career in jewelry design, at TakeLessons, we make it simple.

Check out our list of teachers, read over student reviews to find the perfect match, agree on a price, talk about your goals, and set your schedule.

It’s a cakewalk.

And we are confident that you’ll love your lessons, but if you’re not for any reason, we’ll happily refund the remainder of your balance in your account. It’s our 100% guarantee making it risk-free for you to start.


Is jewelry design hard to learn?

No, with some patience and learning from experienced jewelers, you can learn how to conceptualize, craft, and prepare precious metals and gems to create something unique.

While there’s no prerequisite to jewelry design, having experienced teachers and mentors will help accelerate your learning and master your skills, adding to your enjoyment of design.

What is the best way to get started as a jewelry designer?

There is no best way to get started, though learning over the years is one way if you have time. If you want to learn quickly, it’s best to find a jewelry designer teacher or mentor. Investing in education will help you in the long run, especially if you’re interested in jewelry design as a career.

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