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Miss Donna was very kind and helpful. It felt as though she was a good friend than just a teacher.

Lisa (Astrology lessons with Donna S.)

Donna was patient with me which helped a lot, as it takes a couple of examples for me to understand the material. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning astrology as she is

Alexander (Astrology lessons with Donna S.)

Donna is the best!! So knowledgable and helpful! I absolutely loved learning from her!

Nicole (Astrology lessons with Donna S.)

Awesome instructor. Incredibly knowledgeable and very engaging. Has been a pleasure to have her as my astrology instructor!!!

Ruth Lawitzke (Astrology lessons with Jennifer P.)

Astrology Lessons

Astrology has been practiced for many centuries, drawing inspiration from traditions of reading stars that come with various world cultures.

Astrology is commonly defined as the study of human affairs and terrestrial events through the study of the movements and positions of celestial objects. The study of astrology has been dated back to the 2nd millennium BCE, with roots in calendars used to predict seasonal changes and divine communications. Modern astrology is often associated with a system of horoscopes that claim to explain aspects of personality in relation based on the positions of celestial objects.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into astrology, TakeLessons offers the best online astrology lessons (and in-person sessions). Sign up now to get started!

Certified Astrology Teachers

TakeLessons features certified astrology teachers, all of which are background checked by our team.

The enrollment process at TakeLessons is built to be easy and intuitive. Whether you’re looking for the best online astrology lessons or a private session in a teaching studio, we’ve got an option for you. On the website, you can read through each teacher’s profile to see if their starting rates, backgrounds, and teaching styles work for you. The average price of a 60-minute lesson is $69.

In-depth astrology lessons are just a click away. Start learning with an experienced teacher today!

Online Astrology Lessons for All Ages

Kids, teens, and adults can all learn astrology.

Our astrology lessons for kids help children learn the basics of astrology, from its rich history to how charts and horoscopes work. They will learn the 12 constellations and their associated zodiac signs, piquing their curiosity and interest in people and outer space. Adult learners will be able to learn specific aspects of astrology they’ve always been curious about.

At TakeLessons, our online astrology lessons and in-person sessions offer something for every level of learner. Get started today!

Astrology Lessons for All Levels

Astrology is fun and engaging to learn, no matter how much knowledge of the discipline you’re starting out with. Our astrology lessons packages are personalized for your needs.

Dive into astrology lessons for beginners that curate a general interest in constellations and zodiac signs. Our teachers can craft lessons that revolve around your interest in the discipline, helping those interested in a personal level discover more about their chart and how their zodiac sign can inform their lives. Advanced students will find teachers experienced in prepping for rigorous astrology exams.

We’ve got the best online astrology lessons and in-person tutoring at TakeLessons. Get started today!

Astrology Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Astrology Lessons

  • History of astrology
  • 12 basic constellations -The zodiac signs
  • Intro to horoscopes

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Astrology Lessons

  • Greco-Roman astrology
  • Fate and fortune
  • Various types of astrology
  • Mayan astrology

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Astrology Lessons

  • Angles and quadrants
  • Aspects and orbs
  • Doing a reading
  • Astrology math

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It’s the mission of TakeLessons to connect every student with their ideal lesson. Our selection of astrology lessons is crafted around the needs of each unique learner. Before you know it, you’ll be that much closer to your learning goals. If you’re worried about taking the leap, know that the best online astrology lessons and in-person coaching all come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up and start learning!


Is it hard to learn astrology?

Learning the basics of astrology is not difficult. You can get a good understanding of the zodiac signs, essential constellations, and how charts work with a little bit of research and study. Becoming a master in astrology is another story. There are rigorous exams involved in becoming a certified astrologer. The best way to learn the ins and outs of astrology is with a private teacher. You can find experienced astrology teachers at TakeLessons for all levels and ages.

How do I start learning about astrology?

There are many ways to start learning astrology. You can get books on astrology from your local library, watch a number of videos explaining the history of the practice, or even read horoscopes published online and in local publications. Another option is online classes and tutorials. The ideal way to learn is through the best online astrology lessons or in-person coaching at TakeLessons, which connects you with certified astrology teachers with years of experience in the field.

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