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She is very especificaly, very calm . I like her...

Paula Lunareelli (Embroidery lessons with Tracy B.)

so sweet and very knowledgeable

Kim (Embroidery lessons with Lily Q.)

Lily is so knowledgeable and helpful.

Meka (Embroidery lessons with Lily Q.)

Great teacher and helped with what was needed. Definitely will be in contact with her if anything else were to come up. Thanks!

M'Quita (Embroidery lessons with Lily Q.)

Embroidery Lessons

Embroidery is a popular craft for making decorations and practicing your creativity. Because of its widespread use, you can see embroidery on everything from employee uniforms to blankets.

Embroidery came out of the practice of sewing to tailor, patch, and mend cloth, and became a common practice worldwide over the last few thousand years. Historic examples have been discovered in China, Sweden, and the Islamic world. Over the years, many types of embroidery have developed, such as surface embroidery, needlepoint, canvas work, and blackwork embroidery.

Learning to make beautiful embroidery pieces starts with the best online embroidery lessons (and in-person sessions) at TakeLessons. Sign up now!

Certified Embroidery Teachers

Because embroidery combines both artistic expression and technical skills, learning the craft can be a challenge. Taking lessons from certified embroidery teachers will make this process much simpler.

Our embroidery tutors are knowledgeable, bringing years of experience to the field. Plus, TakeLessons make signing up for best online embroidery lessons quick and stress-free. Pick from our teachers based on their experience, starting rate, and customer reviews, setting a schedule and budget perfect for your needs. Though prices are different for each teacher, a typical 60-minute lesson costs $64.

Custom embroidery lessons are only a click away. Sign up today!

Online Embroidery Lessons for All Ages

Embroidery is a fun and fulfilling craft to learn at any age. Depending on you or your child’s interests, there are countless applications for your embroidery skill.

Our embroidery lessons for kids help children engage with this craft, introducing them to both hand embroidery techniques and machine embroidery basics. TakeLessons’ tutors are well-trained in how to encourage creativity while also building real, tangible skills. Adult learners will also find lessons for them, moving them closer to their learning goals.

At TakeLessons, we believe the best online embroidery lessons (and in-person sessions) start with each student’s particular needs.

Embroidery Lessons for All Levels

Embroidery lessons can be beneficial for any learner. We have teachers that specialize in teaching at every level, from the most advanced to students brand new to the craft.

The TakeLessons platform incorporates your skill level into the sign-up process, helping match you with an appropriate teacher. If you’re just starting out, our embroidery lessons for beginners cover some basic styles, introducing you to simple needlepoint projects that help build technical prowess and confidence. Advanced learners can level up by exploring advanced techniques and create a style all their own.

When you’re ready for the best online embroidery lessons and in-person courses, try signing up for TakeLessons!

Embroidery Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Embroidery Lessons

  • Needlepoint
  • Threading a needle
  • How to hold a needle
  • Stitching techniques
  • Your first design

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Embroidery Lessons

  • Machine embroidery
  • Introduction into traditional embroidery styles
  • Clothing embroidery
  • More types of stitches

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Embroidery Lessons

  • Embroidery art
  • Advanced techniques
  • Forming your unique style
  • The chain stitch
  • Professional embroidery

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The best thing about our signing up for TakeLessons is that you gain instant access to incredible embroidery lessons designed specifically for you. Our team of teachers specializes in helping students of all ages and abilities, and write lesson plans specifically for you and your learning goals. Plus, the best online embroidery lessons and in-person coaching is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up now and start your embroidery journey today!


Is embroidery easy to learn?

Embroidery is fairly easy to learn. But as it goes with many crafts, there are basic types of embroidery that you can learn quickly and more complex techniques that will take longer to master. Simple embroidery can be as easy as using needle and thread in a fairly straightforward pattern. In this way, embroidery can be rewarding right off the bat. For learning more complex techniques, though, enlisting the help of expert embroidery teachers is critical. An online lesson resource such as TakeLessons is a great place to start.

How do I learn to embroider?

You can learn to embroider by watching some basic video tutorials online or by attending a local embroidery meetup or workshop. It can be as easy as buying the materials online or from a local shop, and then starting with a simple needlepoint design. For a leg up on learning techniques and upgrading your understanding of embroidery, try out the best online embroidery lessons from TakeLessons. Our expert embroidery teachers will help you learn the basic skills and master the more advanced ones. For in-person and online lessons, TakeLessons has you covered.

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