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Gardening Lessons - Online, Group, and Private Options Available

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Gardening Lessons

The joys of gardening can be yours when you sign up for online and in-person gardening lessons through TakeLessons.

Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of the practice of horticulture. Gardening can range from tending fruits, vegetables, and herbs in a small-scale plot, to growing ornamental plants and flowers as part of an aesthetically pleasing garden. Many people the world over enjoy tending to their plants, whether that’s growing plants for food, tending to large orchards, or engaging in artistic pursuits such as topiary.

The best online gardening lessons and in-person coaching sessions at TakeLessons will help you master your skills and grow healthier plants!

Certified Gardening Teachers

The gardening teachers at TakeLessons not only offer you expert-level instruction in gardening but are available for diverse lesson types, from online instruction to at-home classes in your personal garden.

To find the instructor that’s perfect for you, browse through the teacher profiles on the TakeLessons website. Our list of gardening teachers includes experienced gardeners who bring years of professional experience to you. You can read about each instructor’s background, compare reviews from previous students, and see each teacher’s starting rate and lesson offerings. Once you’re ready, set up your schedule and start learning.

The cost of the best online gardening lessons and in-person sessions at TakeLessons average out to $28 for a 30-minute lesson. Sign up today!

Online Gardening Lessons for All Ages

Gardening is fun and engaging to learn at any age. Young children and older adults can both benefit from learning how to cultivate and take care of plants.

Gardening is a great way to get outside and stay active, not to mention the satisfaction of growing your own plants. Our youngest learners will benefit from gardening lessons for kids that help them have fun with digging up weeds, planting, and other facets of gardening. Gardening may turn out to be a lifelong habit for some of them. Older learners can explore gardening as a hobby, whether just for fun or to grow their own food.

The best online gardening lessons and in-person learning for every age offer fun and flexibility. Sign up today!

Gardening Lessons for All Levels

The gardening lessons at TakeLessons are catered to every level of learner, from seasoned gardeners to newbies who have never worked with plants.

Try out our gardening lessons for beginners to get comfortable planting a garden, identifying weeds, and setting up a system of growth and care for your plants. We have teachers that are experts in growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers, helping you realize your gardening goals. Expert gardeners can use our lessons to hone in on specific plants and advanced techniques, expanding their skills in the process.

Wherever you’re starting out, we’ve got the best online gardening lessons and in-person sessions for you!

Gardening Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Gardening Lessons

  • Gardening basics
  • Easy plants
  • How to water
  • Types of gardening
  • Using basic tools

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Gardening Lessons

  • Vegetables and herbs
  • Using planters
  • Hydroponics
  • Identifying weeds

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Gardening Lessons

  • Professional gardening
  • Aquaponics
  • Topiary
  • Green roofs and other modern gardening applications

Sign up Today

No matter where your skills with growing plants are, we can help. TakeLessons offers gardening lessons for every age and ability. Plus, every one of our lessons is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Achieve your gardening goals quickly and efficiently with lesson options that work around your busy schedule. Sign up for the best online gardening lessons and in-person coaching to get started today!


Can I teach myself gardening?

You can learn to garden independently with the help of online tutorials and YouTube videos. There is a wealth of resources online to help gardeners take care of specific types of plants and grow their own food. However, there is a lot of knowledge and skill that goes into gardening like an expert. That’s where the best online gardening lessons or in-person sessions come in, getting you in touch with experienced gardening teachers that help you master your gardening skills.

Is gardening hard to learn?

Basic gardening is not hard to learn. You can learn how to plant a basic garden and take care of it in a few days. There are many videos with tips and tricks on gardening, including the best plants to start out with and how to keep pests from destroying them. Learning gardening is a lot easier with a private teacher helping you dispel any confusion and take care of your plants with confidence. The gardening teachers at TakeLessons help you achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

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