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10 Fun, Festive Holiday Sewing Projects

February 15, 2019

10 Fun, Festive Holiday Sewing Projects


holiday sewing projects

As the holiday season approaches, these holiday sewing projects will help you get into the spirit! So whether you’re looking for some festive holiday decor or some DIY gift ideas, make sure to bookmark these fun, festive holiday sewing projects…

Craft Sewing Projects


Lovely Scissor Holder


There’s no point in starting your holiday sewing projects without an organized sewing kit. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to find what you need. This DIY scissor holder will help you (or a fellow sewing enthusiast) get organized, and keep your precious fabric scissors safe, so that no one uses them to cut anything other than material!

A useful, crafty gift for friends or relatives, this project is suitable for absolute beginners and can either be hand sewn or made with a machine. Although this makes a great Valentine’s Day gift, this is the perfect project to bookmark for birthdays and year-round crafting projects.


Felt Tablet Case

This beautiful felt tablet case isn’t just practical, it’s a cool, thoughtful gift for a teen or adult. You can sew this by hand or use a sewing machine.

For an individual touch, try embroidering your own designs on the felt!







Fabric Scraps Matching Game

matching gameYou might think that sewn toys have to be plushies or difficult-to-follow patterns, but with this simple tutorial, you can make your own matching game.

This game is great for young children, and you can make it more challenging if you want to gift it to older kids.




Tote Bags


Need a shopping bag you can stuff in your purse that’s perfect for that last minute bit of Christmas shopping?  Tote bags are simple to make and they’re perfect eco-friendly stocking stuffers.

Add a few festive patches to turn this tote into the ideal holiday shopping companion.



Thanksgiving Sewing Projects


Turkey Pot Holder

Pot holders are always useful, either to get hot pans from the oven, to protect your kitchen counter, or in this case, to make you smile while you’re cooking a Thanksgiving feast!

Fall into the season with this festive Turkey pot holder; you can make it as plain or bright as you want. It also makes a great gift for friends and family.


Thanksgiving Table Runner


Add a personal touch to your holiday gathering with this Thanksgiving table runner. This beginner-friendly, hand-sewing project is perfect to personalize each place setting.

Your dinner guests can write their names or write down what they’re thankful for this year.



No-Sew Napkins



If you’re feeling stressed and running out of time to make something with that fabric you’ve purchased for table settings, follow instructions at the end of this table runer tutorial, to make these simple, fancy no-sew napkins.

You’d pay good money for fancy napkins from a store, so why not make them yourself?




Christmas Sewing Projects


Christmas Stocking



Once Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start preparing for Christmas, and what is Christmas without a tree and stockings hung on the mantle?

You can use these plaid Christmas stockings year after year. They look great by themselves, and they will look even better filled with gifts for your loved ones!

Christmas Cat

Follow this tutorial to make this adorable, cat-shaped pillow. Use Christmas fabric for a DIY gift or holiday decoration, or use non-Christmas fabric for a fun craft project you can do any time of year!






Want to make your own beautifully-stitched holiday ornaments? It’s easier than ever with this tutorial. Instead of throwing out leftover scraps, use them to make tree and mantelpiece ornaments.






These holiday sewing projects should give you some inspiration for crafts, gifts, and DIY decor. If you need help with any of these projects, be sure to ask your sewing teacher!

Happy holidays and happy sewing!

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