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Laura P.

Laura P.

I'm a special education teacher, and so my focus is always on the individual styles, strengths and needs of each student. I customize my life skills classes around these traits, as well as on the preferred genre and personality style of my learners. For one-on-one gaming sessions, I explore with the learner whether they would like to play only with me ongoing, or prepare to join a gaming group I lead. If the learner decides to join a group, the next step is for the child or teen to decide which roleplaying game to play, and then I will help them develop their character. If the child would like to develop life skills through gaming one on one, we will choose a goal to focus on, such as learning social skills, developing creative thinking, or learning to think through actions and consequences. The child will choose the game genre through discussing questions such as these: Will it be based on a book, tv show, or movie? Will it be based on a time period and historical location? Will it be based on science fiction, mythology, or another topic? Would the learner like to make their own game or learn how to become a game master? I do not choose role-play games like D&D that involve normalization of violence. I choose games that prioritize diplomacy and non-violent problem-solving. Games that I run are games designed for children or teens, such as Tails of Equestria, based on the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Series and a game for teens based on Marvel Universe.
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Ryan N.

Ryan N.

With 7+ years teaching experience I introduce to you a new creative & innovate way to learn & have fun! I educate, motivate & engage with my students using a self development technique called "Gamification". I transform video games into a educational platform and develop highly customized lessons according to your needs! Choose through a list of free video games that I have hand picked and custom made tailored towards your interest & goals! To name a few general lesson types for you, emotional & identity awareness, critical thinking skill advancement, communication & team building, in-game study groups, create & role play your new identity, become your best self! In classes & content games are not used as mindless forms of entertainment but transformed into one of the best self transformational tools for self development. Check out my profile photos & video of a few games I have showcased!
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i love her teching and cant wat till next sowmer

Addison (Gaming lessons with Haley Shea B.)

I am 110% happy with Rich teaching my 13 year old daughter! He makes learning fun and she increases in her abilities every week. He expands her musical tastes and style. She looks forward to eac

Elise Marie (Gaming lessons with Rich B.)

i love her teching and cant wat till next sowmer

Addison (Gaming lessons with Haley Shea B.)

I am 110% happy with Rich teaching my 13 year old daughter! He makes learning fun and she increases in her abilities every week. He expands her musical tastes and style. She looks forward to eac

Elise Marie (Gaming lessons with Rich B.)

In the press

Gaming Lessons

Back in the 80s, personal computers were in their infancy stages, and the video games people played on them were very rudimentary. But thanks to improvements in technology and whole generations of people growing up with gaming systems ranging from Commodore 64 to Sega Genesis and the Xbox, gaming has evolved both in style and substance.

Today gaming is a multi-player, online opportunity to play against people worldwide on computers, mobile devices, and consoles. While it’s certainly become a multi-million dollar business, the true value of gaming, besides endless hours of fun, is that the skill develops problem-solving skills, increases hand-eye coordination, and improves memory.

To boost your own or your kids’ gaming knowledge and skills, TakeLessons has instructors at the ready to help you level up!

Certified Gaming Lessons Teachers

With over 2 million monthly users, TakeLessons is known for offering the best online gaming lessons available. What separates TakeLessons from others is our unique approach to teaching.

We only hire experts and make each of our classes customizable to fit every student’s exact needs. All of our certified gaming lessons teachers at TakeLessons undergo a thorough background check and screening so that we can provide top-quality instructors for all of our students.

To sign up, we’ve made it a simple, hassle-free process. First, browse our catalog of instructors. You can read over their backgrounds, schedules, rates, and what previous students have said. Next, connect with the teacher that best fits your needs to talk about your goals. As for cost, most classes will cost on average $70 for an hour of private online gaming lessons, but individual prices may vary based on the customized curriculum.

Finally, just get started. It’s that easy!

Gaming Online Lessons for All Ages

Gaming allows people of all ages to challenge themselves, stimulate their brains, and have fun, which is why we offer gaming lessons for kids and adults. With technology becoming more rooted in our lives every day, it’s never too early or too late to learn how to play!

From grandkids to grandparents, our individualized lessons are perfect for making you a better gamer. Sign up to play with TakeLessons today!

Gaming Lessons for All Levels

Players of all skill levels can learn to game, and at TakeLessons, we craft our lessons for players with a variety of experience tiers. Whether you’re a young kid learning to play for the first time or an advanced gamer looking to start a competitive gaming career, we have certified gaming teachers to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re looking for gaming lessons for beginners or professionals, TakeLessons is your gaming lessons home base.

Gaming Lessons Curriculum

Learning how to play video games effectively, whether or casually or competitively, is a combination of playing (practice) and study. Playing is how you improve your skills while studying the game and its mechanics. In addition, for specific multiplayer games, studying your opponent's strategies will help you improve your own gameplay to give you an upper hand. No matter the goals, we cater our gaming instruction to players with all different interests and needs.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Gaming Lessons

For people that have never played before, it’s ideal to start with beginner gaming lessons.

In a beginner gaming curriculum, your teacher may focus on:

  • The basic elements of the game and gaming device
  • How to hold the controller and body position
  • Study strategies for various levels of the game
  • Understanding how to use problem-solving to beat the game

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Gaming Lessons

For the seasoned player, the intermediate-level gaming lesson is the right place to start. At the intermediate level, your instructor will craft a lesson for you to improve your speed, skills, and recognition of the game’s tendencies.

A sample curriculum may include:

  • Advanced strategies for single player and multiplayer gaming
  • Complex tactics for cooperative play
  • Increased competition levels to challenge you
  • Live coaching through competition play

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Gaming Lessons

Advanced gamers will have a solely unique lesson plan devised for them and advanced lessons are recommended for serious, competitive gamers.

A sample of the curriculum for advanced gamers may include:

  • Understanding the coding the game platform utilizes to give a tactical advantage
  • Advanced competition play
  • Learning about representation management, marketing, and the business of competitive gaming

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Is it hard to learn to game?


No, learning to play video games is an acquired skill, much like most hobbies. With dedicated practice, good instruction, and patience, players can develop their skills from novice to expert. If learning to game better is something you’re interested in, TakeLessons provides expert instruction that will be designed to assist you in mastering your skills.

What are some things I should study to be a better gamer?


Video game programming, software engineering, computer engineering, graphic design, and sound production are all good to know but unnecessary to be a successful gamer. Learning successful tactics and techniques of the better players and regular competition is what is most required to improve.

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