Teach Yourself How to Sing: 5 Helpful Tools

Tips On How To Teach Yourself To Sing Would you like to teach yourself how to sing, but aren’t quite sure how to do it? Although hiring a singing teacher right from the start can get you where you want to be sooner, there are also some great tools for you to use when practicing on your own. The following can help give you a head start:

1. Keyboard

One key to singing is understanding the notes, so the first thing you’ll need is a keyboard or piano. You don’t have to invest in a grand piano, but getting your hands on a small keyboard will help you get familiar with different notes and scales. Any simple, new, or used electronic keyboard will do the trick. Once you can clearly distinguish notes and imitate them, you can move on to simple melodies, intervals, and more.

2. Pitch Pipe

A pitch pipe gives you the starting pitch as you learn to sing a song. It’s a very easy tool to find – any music store should have a range for you to choose from – and they are usually pretty inexpensive. You can use the pitch pipe alongside a keyboard, or on its own if you’re singing a cappella, without an instrument or melody accompanying you. This important tool not only helps you get started, but it also keeps you on track while you’re singing – simply revisit the pitch as you’re practicing to make sure you’re still correct.

3. Metronome

A metronome helps you maintain a steady pace while singing. Simply set it to the speed you want, and start practicing – as you listen to it clicking along, you’ll be able to tell if you’re slowing down or speeding up. The latest metronomes on the market are small, so they’re easy to carry around with you if you want to take it along to a singing class or band practice. You can also find apps for your smartphone or tablet that work as a metronome.

4. Recorder

Any voice recorder will work wonders when you’re practicing. You can find recorders made specifically for vocalists, or most smartphones have a recording feature that you can use. Again, whether you’re trying to teach yourself how to sing using a keyboard or without any instrument at all, a recorder can be extremely helpful. As you practice, record yourself so that you can keep track of your progress. You can also record a song that you enjoy listening to and would like to learn, and use it as your guide when practicing on your own.

5. Private Voice Teacher

The ultimate singing tool is, without a question, a private voice teacher. A voice teacher can help guide you along at the right pace and teach you correct techniques, so if you’re serious about developing your singing skills and becoming a singer, don’t think twice about finding a teacher. A professional not only helps you with expertise and real-time feedback, but also by encouraging you to stick to a practicing schedule to keep you on track to reach your goals.

Although these tools can help you teach yourself how to sing at a beginner level, a private voice teacher is necessary if you’re serious about improving. At an early stage, great tools like a keyboard, pitch pipe, metronome, and recording device help set a good foundation – but if you are dedicated to becoming a better vocalist, then investing in a professional’s guidance is your ticket to success.


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