Singing Lessons for Kids: Does My Child Have “It”?


Singing lessons for kids are the perfect way to support your little one’s interest in music. But while you know it’s important to encourage him or her to dream big, how can you be sure your investment is worth it? Learn the answer in this guest post by Grand Rapids, MI voice teacher Kelsey P...


As a voice instructor, I am often asked by the parents of my students, “Does my child have ‘it’?” Not always in so many words, but when a young ambitious student declares that they want to be the next Katy Perry in the first lesson (this has happened on more than one occasion), parents want to know how long to encourage their child’s dreams, and at what point to steer them in a different direction.

While I understand the desire to have a professional tell you where your child’s skills really lie, my response is usually not what they want or expect.

This is not American Idol. I am not Simon Cowell. I teach singing lessons for kids with various levels of skill and talent. Some of them may actually find careers in music, most of them probably won’t. My point of view is–that’s not the point of taking music lessons.

Let me explain. Most of my students are young –like 10 years and under. They don’t know what they want to be when they grow up. Even if they want to be Katy Perry now, they may change their minds five more times before they actually are old enough to really make that decision, so it wouldn’t do any good for me to judge them so harshly and force them to make that decision prematurely. My job is to help my students have fun learning how to get better at singing. If you’ve ever worked with children you know that they are usually learning the most when they are playing. So, we play singing games, music games, and we sing songs the kids are interested in. I allow them to have guided fun, and encourage them to practice so they can get better. Any instrument gets more fun when your skill improves, so practice is key to having fun!

Not only are kids learning about music in their singing lessons, they’re also learning about setting goals, work ethic as they practice, and how hard work can actually be enjoyable. Not to mention all the studies that show how music education improves math skills and can help students with so many other areas in life.

So don’t worry so much about whether your kid has “it” or not. Let them develop naturally as little musicians without the pressure of a career hovering over the both of you. Investing in music education is always a good choice for your child’s development.

KelseyPKelsey P. teaches singing, songwriting, and guitar lessons in Grand Rapids, MI. I have a Bachelor’s in Music from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI and I have been a full time working musician for two and a half years. Learn more about Kelsey here!



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