5 thoughts on “The Best Piano Competitions for Young Pianists in 2015

  1. American Protege is one of the biggest scams out there. You’re paying $150 for someone to halfheartedly glance at your DVD submission and then deem you a “winner” – where you’re allowed to play for 5-7 minutes on stage for $330. (For an extra minute you pay $100.) And on top of that – I don’t think a 5-7 minute performance really qualifies as a debut. It may look impressive to the non-musicians of the world, but if you put that your “Carnegie debut” was playing in one of these marathon recitals, there are many, MANY people rolling their eyes at how much money you just got scammed out of. Oh, and you have to pay for your own plane ticket to and from New York City.

  2. Hey guys, do you know how to find intermediate piano comps? Everything I’ve found is like the top level.

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