What Can You Learn From Online Spanish Courses

Are Online Spanish Courses Right For You? Pros & Cons

What Can You Learn From Online Spanish CoursesThe Internet provides ease and functionality to people who want to learn a new language from the comfort of their own homes. However, some of these classes can be a bit pricey if you don’t know exactly what you’re hoping to achieve.

Consider a few questions: Are these classes at home worth it? What are the benefits of taking online Spanish courses, and what are the drawbacks? Would it be easier to hire a qualified tutor? In this article, we break down all of the different aspects of learning a foreign language, so you can decide what the best option for you will be.

1) Vocabulary

Online Spanish courses are great for teaching foreign language learners vocabulary. You can easily find online flashcards and flip through new words at your leisure.

2) Verb conjugations

These are easy to learn in an online Spanish course, especially if you’re good at memorizing things. Many courses present verb conjugation charts, which demonstrate how each verb is supposed to look in each tense and pronoun conjugation. These online charts are easy to understand and easy to apply.

3) Grammar

This is where an online course may become a little difficult. Many Spanish courses do teach and explain grammar points, however they are not always clear. The grammar point explanations can often be confusing or vague. The downfall of an online Spanish course is that no one will be able to explain any vague grammar points you don’t understand. A tutor, on the other hand, will go over any grammar problems you might have until you fully comprehend them.

4) Listening comprehension

Most online courses offer listening comprehension segments. You can play a video or audio recording and try to understand what the other people are saying. But, if you don’t understand something, you cannot ask anyone to clarify the information for you. Working on listening comprehension in person gives you the ability to ask your tutor to repeat or rephrase.

5) Speaking and accents

Unfortunately, online language courses do not fully teach students how to speak or how to make their accent sound authentic. Without constant practice with a teacher or tutor who can listen to you and watch you speak, you will not fully acquire the skills you need to be successful. Speaking Spanish is about more than just learning vocabulary or remembering a few verb conjugations. It’s about quickly being able to process and accurately respond to whatever anyone is talking to you about. The best way to learn how to speak Spanish is with the help of a real live Spanish tutor.

In short, online Spanish courses are great for learning the written component of Spanish, but not as effective for the speaking portion. A qualified Spanish tutor with one-on-one practice is the best way to become better at speaking Spanish. Need help finding a tutor in your area! Browse our qualified tutors here!

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