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Definitive Proof Theater Nerds Make the Best Prom Dates

Do you have a date to the prom this year? Whether you’re a jock, nerd, princess or basket case, prom is all about having a great time with your friends and celebrating the end of the school year. If you consider yourself a musical theater nerd, then you’re in particularly good luck! With those years of acting and singing lessons, we musical theater nerds know how to have a good time.

Here are our top 10 reasons why musical theater nerds make the best prom dates ever.


1. We will actually dance.

Nothing’s worse than going to prom with a cool, charming, and attractive date… who proceeds to spend the entire dance hugging the wall with a drink in hand.

2. We can actually dance.

No one likes a date who either spends the entire time on the dance floor stepping on your feet, or doing an arrhythmic pantomime that’s so bad it makes you long for Elaine Benes from “Seinfeld.”


3. We have a flair for the dramatic.

Prom is all about ridiculous pomp and gratuitous grandiosity. Who can you trust to shine in this environment, the soccer team captain or a musical theater nerd?

4. We know how to share the spotlight.

For all the well-deserved stereotypes about drama queens and attention hogs, musical theater nerds know all about switching effortlessly from starring to supporting roles.

5. We have a posse.

Most people come out of musical theater with what amounts to a second family. Whether you need a crew to back you up in a real fight (or just a dance fight), your date has you covered.

6. We tend to be pretty hot.

7. We know how to dress.

If you think our friends in the costume department will let us go to prom wearing anything less than an amazing outfit…

8. We’re used to uncomfortable outfits.

Forget about girls who switch into flats five minutes after arriving in heels. Your date has worn worse shoes for a two-hour show with multiple dance numbers.

9. We won’t complain.

See above. No matter what the hardship, the show must go on.

10. We’re mildly famous.

There’s a rich tradition of teenagers asking celebrities to proms (and actually getting a “yes”). But not only will everyone recognize your musical theater nerd date from that amazing play last semester, you’ll actually have a chance of seeing them again after the night is over.


So there you have it. 10 undisputed reasons why musical theater nerds make the best prom dates. But what happens once the party’s over? If you’re dreaming about making it big on Broadway, remember that taking singing lessons with a quality instructor will help get you to that next step in your musical theater career. Plus, there’s no better time for you to brush up on your skills than during your free time this summer!

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