Follow These Accounts: 10 Ways to Learn French on Instagram

10 Ways to learn French on Instagram

Bonjour! French is such a beautiful language that it doesn’t need accompanying pictures – except on Instagram. In this article, French teacher Annie A. shows you the best Instagram accounts to follow to practice your French…

Instagram is a fun way to learn new words and expressions in any language. It’s great because it doesn’t require much time to view, and since it’s designed specifically for your smartphone, it has enormous social appeal. I’d say it’s one my favorite ways to learn French!

You will find many users interested in discussing your pictures in French and the language will be more memorable in the visual context. You can stay connected by following each other on Instagram and sharing tagged snapshots – this will give you a lot of materials to learn from. Interactive learning is easily retained.

It’s also interesting to learn from native French-speakers. You can follow their accounts, write to them, and express yourselves – they may even correct your mistakes.

There are also accounts specifically created to improve your French; some cater to beginners while others are for intermediate to advanced levels. For beginners, you’ll be primarily viewing images with words written on them. Short 15-second videos serve the same purpose, giving beginners a learning tool that helps improve pronunciation.

Below are the Instagram accounts I have chosen for you. Some are meant for students of French and the others deal with a variety of subjects. They cover food, clothes, different cities, and towns (mostly in France), and as a result, they diversify your vocabulary. The creative pictures leave a lasting imprint on your mind when coupled with vocabulary.

1) frenchwords

In frenchwords, a new word with the English translation is introduced every day. Followers also correct each others’ French in the comments section.

Quotes in French by famous writers like Colette, Baudelaire, and Jacque Prevert are presented without translation so you get introduced to the literary side of the language too. This account is mostly suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.

2) #IGLC

Here is a unique opportunity to apply your language skills on a daily basis. The Instagram Language Challenge (#IGLC) gives you a prompt list of 28 words every month. You are given the task to come up with new vocabulary, expressions, and sentences each day. The concession of 28 days is given in lieu of a few missed days.

Take a photo or video and upload it on Instagram, then hashtag #IGLC in the description. What a great way to improve!

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3) imagiers

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Faites de l'art pas la guerre

A post shared by Vincent (@french4me) on

Vincent has a very interesting choice of photos suitable to learn nouns and everyday French expressions. His account caters to learners of basic French.

4) unautrecompte

This account, unautrecompte, has great French lessons for basic level students. It does not contain images.

The vocabulary is shown with the English translation. There are short videos which help with the pronunciation of common verbs and prepositions. The lessons are short and crisp with grammatical and phonetic help.

5) hansleyfr

Hansley has captured his own original photos and labeled them with French words. His catchy music videos also interpret French vocabulary.

6) discret

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Ça schtroumpf dur… #pariseine #parisplages

A post shared by discret (@discret) on

Here we have photos with a clear contrast. Toy figurines tell stories in a Parisian background. Discret activates the imagination with popular figurines caught in the midst of a comical situation. The comments are usually in French – reading them is a good way to study.

7) goutdfood

This account is dedicated to the love of food, with captions in French and their English translations. With goutdfood, you can experience the taste of French food through a visual format.

8) requiem45

Here you can see amazing photographs of Lyon, other cities of France, and their architecture. Reqiuem45 takes fabulous snapshots of rivers as well. The comments on the photos are usually full of French speakers who like to converse in French with each other.

9) azzed

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Café (très) gourmand ☕️

A post shared by a u d r e y • z (@azzed) on

Audrey is a French lifestyle blogger who takes photos of clothes, food, and places. The comments are in French so you can participate in the ongoing conversation. This level of French is suitable for intermediate learners.

10) French with TakeLessons

We saved the best for last! French with TakeLessons  gives you a little bit of everything. From verb conjugations, fun quizzes, travel photos, pronunciation videos and more this account is perfect for beginners who appreciate all things French.

There’s a variety of material for language learners on Instagram – you just have to look for it according to your own interests. You could even upload French-inspired material from your own account! All it requires is a little imagination and a lot of fun!


Annie APost Author:
Annie A.
Annie A. is a French instructor whose lessons are conducted exclusively online. Teaching for the past 12 years, she found her passion for the language while studying in Paris as a teenager. Learn more about Annie here!


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