9 thoughts on “Can Labeling Your Piano Keys Help You Learn Faster?

  1. Hey Heather, an interesting post, thank you.
    I agree that labels can be useful, but the most important aspect is not leaving them on too long – as soon as familiarity is attained they should be removed. I think the position on the staff is helpful – students often need help with which “c” is where on the keyboard even when they know what a “c” looks like. I’ve tried a few different approaches and now use some labels called “keynotes” which I get from the UK via ebay. Unlike many others they show the grand staff. Showing a single staff can be really confusing where the bass clef stops and the treble clef starts – try explaining to a beginner why the notes stop going up and drop to the bottom of the staff again, even though the pitch of the notes keeps getting higher! Some others are worse than useless – obviouosly not made or checked by a musician as they have notes and clefs in the wrong places and all sorts of superfluous symbols.

  2. Hi I’m in my early 60’s,I want to learn piano but don’t know where to start.I’m going to teach myself.so would the stickers on the notes be a good start or what.I do need some guidance.
    Thank-you Gary

    1. Hi Gary-Labeling the piano keys is a great way to memorize the letter names. We highly recommend it for beginners-no matter how old! Good luck in your piano studies!

  3. I have worked with very young students for over 15 years and working with the-year-olds in kindergarten for the past six years, I’ve come to understand that children learn by replacing old knowledge with new knowledge and relating the unfamiliar with the familiar. I insist on never writing in the book or labeling the piano. In fact, I believe labeling and markings on music should not come into play until the piece is mastered. We do use finger markings on the violin but that is more to help with hearing the note than remembering where to put the finger. On the piano I identify the bass and treble clefs as F clef and G clef because of the line that runs between them. The note common to both is middle C. My first lesson is mostly saying, “When you see a note on this line, play this finger and when it’s here, play that finger.” It’s not long before “play this and that” becomes “play the G or F or Middle C.”

    I use the analogy of a child going in the lunch room with a hundred other kids on the first day of school. They don’t know any names, they only know where kids are seated relative to where they are seated – they have not yet learned to distinguish the sounds of their voices. If while at the grocery store with mom, that child saw one of their lunchmates, he would not be able to say “Mom that’s Billie Edwatds,” even if did have on a name tag at school, but he will be able to say, “That’s the kid that sits next to the girl with the freckles at the table across from where I sit.”. After repeated interactions he would not only know his name but he would know his voice and how he got that scar above his eyebrow. No labels needed.

  4. Hi, I’ve composed a few songs, lyrics and music, and I want to learn to play the notes and be able to print the sheets, to my original songs.
    I’m 85 years of age and I want my families to be able to play these, for themselves. This may give them a better way to know how I feel, deep inside, on several subjects. I have macular degeneration and need removable, sticky labels
    with only the letter, nothing else, because it confuses my sight. Any suggestions? I have a Casio Lighted Key Board

  5. Just wanted to say, you’ve missed a big reason why the position of the note on the staff is important. I know which key is which but having been an alto saxophone player I am not good at reading bass clef or the extremely high or low treble clef notes because sax doesn’t have that range. Stickers that show note position is quite helpful fir someone that needs help reading the different clefs and also even if you know the keys, stickers help you “find” them quicker when still training your fingers to hit the note you are reading. Again, consider that not everyone needs stickers for the same reason would help you understand why it’s helpful for some.

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