10 Talented Guitar-Playing Kids Who Will Blow You Away

These guitar-playing kids are sure to inspire you, motivate you to practice guitar, and make you smile!

1. Zoe, Age 7

At just seven years old, this “sweet child” is well on her way to being the next Slash!

2. Jeremy, Age 8

Jeremy masterfully improvises a rock medley of Eruption by Eddie van Halen, Paranoid by Black Sabbath, and The Final Countdown by Europe.

3. Michael, Age 12

One of the best things about Michael’s playing is how much fun he’s having!

4. Tina, Age 14

Long story short: Tina shreds.

5. Sungha, Age 15

Sungha’s fingerstyle arrangements of classic rock and pop songs are all over YouTube. Check out his channel to see hundreds more covers!

6. Malcolm, Age 12

At age 12, you could find Malcolm performing with his band Unlocking the Truth on a the street in Times Square, and they went on to become the youngest band to ever perform at Coachella.

7. Andrew, Age 10

Young Andrew’s improvisations, shown here with his guitar teacher accompanying him, have a wonderfully free and floating quality.

8. Yuto, Age 10

Nothing like a great guitar performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” to kick off a baseball game!

9. Alex, Age 11

Another great rendition of “Eruption” comes from 11-year-old Alex.

10. Diego, Age 2

Okay, so Diego is technically playing a ukulele here, but you’ve got to love how much fun he’s having and his singing style. We should all get this kind of thrill out of making music!

Childhood is a wonderful time for many people to begin learning to play an instrument. Many kids fall in love with the guitar and continue playing all their lives, while other people pick up the instrument later on in life.

No matter your age, you can always start learning to play guitar or improve on your existing guitar skills. To get started, sign up for guitar lessons with a great private teacher. Remember to practice every day, and keep having fun with your guitar!

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