5 thoughts on “50 Little Things You Can Do To Get More From Your Guitar Practice Time

  1. My little brother is working his butt off to get good on his guitar! I really like the tip son speeding up the tempo, and playing without looking! I am sure it will take practice but I am sure he can do it. I will have to share this with him! Thanks for posting these excellent tips!

  2. I love these tips. I found them when I first started learning (WAY back in April), and again today. Still love them. They have helped me move forward.

  3. So I tried, as suggested, a funk drum loop, and finger exercises are fun again! Well, a lot better than without, anyway.

    BTW, you forgot #51 – keep a notebook. It was mentioned in one of the links, true, but it probably should have been #1. If my guitar practice goes better than trumpet practice ever did when I was in the HS band, it’s the notebook that’s responsible. If nothing else, it keeps me showing up at the music stand, guitar in hand, every day, if only to keep my streak going.

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