3 thoughts on “Guitar for Kids: How to Help Your Child Love the Guitar

  1. Excellent article with great tips. I can speak from experience that especially tip number 1 is a real game changer. That’s why a guitar stand should be a must for every parent buying their children the first guitar. In addition to that, the first guitar (which is usually not the most expensive one) shouldn’t be treated like a museum piece. Kids should take care of their instruments but little scratches or accidents aren’t the end of the world. 🙂

  2. I love the advice to keep the guitar out of the case where your kids can pick it up and play it at any time. Growing up, my parents put me in trumpet lessons, and like you said, it was always a big hassle to take it out of the case for practice. My daughters both chose the guitar when I asked what instrument they wanted to learn. Once I get them into lessons, I will be sure to keep the guitars out in the living room.

  3. Guitar is an excellent skill which we can teach our kids. However, it’s become difficult nowadays to let your children learn about various music instruments. Luckily, I stumbled on this piece of blog. Now I know how to expose my kids to learn music. I shall make sure that very soon my kids will start playing guitar!

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