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French for Kids: What’s the Best Way for Kids to Learn French?

french for kidsHelping kids learn a second language can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! Tutor Natalie S. shares her tips for making French fun for kids…

In schools today, it is standard practice that all students begin to learn a second language. To give your child an edge before they reach high school, try teaching him or her a second language from a young age. In the list below, we give some quick suggestions on the best ways to make French for kids fun and easy to learn.

1) Introduce the new language slowly

Brand new concepts can often intimidate young children. In order to keep your child engaged in French, try teaching him or her a few words at a time. For example, say good night in both English and French. Once your child understands that “bonne nuit” means the same thing as “good night,” add some new French words to his or her vocabulary. By slowly introducing French to your kids, you can prepare them to start learning a new language in a fun and comfortable way.

2) Play French games online

There are thousands of kid-friendly French games to play online. Websites like the BBC Language Lab, Digital Dialects and Quia French games offer many different cool and engaging computer games for your child to play for free. These games often test vocabulary and basic grammar. They are colorful and fun for kids, too!

3) Learn French with your child

Start reading beginner’s children’s books in French together, and practice simple vocabulary. Turn studying French into a fun bonding activity for you and your child to do together, and this will give him or her someone to practice with in between lessons. It will make studying a new language less intimidating, and you’ll be learning, too!

4) Bring the French culture into your home

Show your child what the French culture is all about by introducing some French dishes into your kitchen. Try baking some pastries or other dishes with your child from a French cookbook. This is a great way to teach basic food words and get your child excited about the new culture that he or she is learning about. If your child loves music, start listening to some songs in French. Once your child has learned enough vocabulary, you can even find a French translation of his or her favorite Disney movie. If you can make the language fun and interesting, your child will be more motivated to learn.

5) Find a French tutor

There are so many tutors out there who specialize in teaching French for kids. A private tutor will be able to give your child the individual attention they need in order to excel. Private lessons will move at your child’s own pace, avoiding the dangers of group classes that may move too fast or too slow.

French tutors are available to work with your child online via Skype or in-person, depending on locations and availability. Search for your French tutor now!

Natalie S.Natalie S. tutors in English, ESL, History, Phonics, Reading, and Test Prep in San Diego, as well as through online lessons. She received her BA in English Education at the University of Delaware, and her MA in English Literature at San Diego State University. Learn more about Natalie here!



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