15 thoughts on “28 Easy Metal Songs on Guitar: Rock & Heavy Metal for Beginners

  1. Kill ‘Em All is the name of the first Metallica album, not a song…

    Also, MOP is not an easy song…it is played very fast. A better “beginner” song would b “Enter Sandman.”

    Get it right people…

    1. LOL I wonder what song he really meant when he said Kill em All … laughable … and couldn’t agree more Master of Puppets is an advanced players song

  2. Lonely Day is about the Armenian Genocide and about all the people were killed and split up from families.

  3. Kill ‘Em All is the title track from the album Kill ‘Em All. Master of Puppets is the title song from the album…..you guessed it Master of Puppets….they are not on the same album. Kill ‘Em All is slightly easier than Master of Puppets for a beginner guitar player….I’m sure every true Tallica fan who found this cringed like I did…the other songs should be on this, Metallica should not

    1. Uhhh Master of Puppets an easy metal song???? NOT EVEN CLOSE!! That is an insanely difficult song to play not to mention its all downpicked FFS

      1. I wouldn’t call it “insanely difficult” by any means. As metal guitar playing goes, it’s an intermediate level song. It’s certainly not “easy” based solely on the fact that it takes a lot of practice to play it all the way through using downstrokes the way it’s supposed to be played. If you wanted to cheat and play it using alternate picking (like John Petrucci from Dream Theater plays it.. though I’m sure he could downpick it if he wanted to) then the song really isn’t that difficult at all.

  4. Yeah MOP is an advanced song like most Metallica songs. Would not be able to really play Metallica until advanced level. I can play the intro to One by Metallica but thats it as a beginner.

  5. Yeah MOP is not a beginner level Metallica song. For Whom The Bell Tolls, Motorbreath, Bleeding Me these are “easier” songs to learn, if your just looking for rythym guitar, now learning Hammets Solo’s, that’s a whole different animal all together. I’ve always said you don’t truly master playing a song, unless you can play all of the parts, Solo’s included..yeah good luck mastering the solo from
    ” Master” as a beginner

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