7 thoughts on “11 Quick and Easy Tips for Reading Guitar Chord Charts

  1. I want to learn but I have no ideal how to read music . I did buy an acoustic and an electric guitar, I have a small amp .. So I’m ready but have no ideal for what ??

    1. I am not a musician. I play only for myself. Learn basic chords and strumming. Start with a simple song 2-4 chords and practice until you get very good at it. Then move to a slightly harder song and get it right before moving up. Practce every day. Once you get a good grasp of the basics go to a professional. If you just want to play for yourself that should work. If you want to become a professional go to him/her first and learn to read music.

  2. I don’t have an electric guitar or amp yet but I’m trying to learn how to read them before hand so I can start learning to play when I get one.

  3. I sing a lot at home so I got my self guitar however I don’t know how to read or play the guitar but I stroll around the internet for video to learn and become a simple guitar player. Thanks !

  4. Hey kinda up in age low 50’s my favorite band of all time is Badfinger. Can someone please tell me in tablature if a 10 is directly on top of an 11 or 12 over 15..etc. how do I play that please someone help me!

  5. Try the guitar tabs app. Lots of well known tunes in chord formats. Try sons with 3 or 4 chords to start and keep practicing, every day if possible. You don’t need to read music at first, just the chord patterns at the top of the page.

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