career benefits of learning a second language

4 Ways Learning a Second Language Boosts Your Career

career benefits of learning a second languageWant an easy way to boost your career? Learning a second language can be a fantastic way to get a leg up. Learn more in this guest post from our friends at Lingualia


Finding employment in a struggling economy isn’t always easy, especially if you are planning to move to another country or if you are simply looking for a new employer altogether.

So, how do you improve your chances of getting the job? Learning a foreign language is highly recommended becasue of the benefits and advantages in the workplace today. Understanding and being able to speak foreign languages can greatly improve your own chances of being hired into any position you desire, regardless of where you are currently living.

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Obviously, if you’re moving to another country, understanding the native language of the country can drastically improve your quality of life, as well as your chances of landing a position or a job. Learning a second language not only helps you connect and communicate with individuals from around the world, it helps you get to know more about other cultures and lifestyles globally. This will give you insight into various nationalities and countries with which you may be doing business.

You’ll be able to better communicate with contacts you work with, including business associates, coworkers, and even potential partners. The more capable you are of communicating with business professionals from around the world, the easier it becomes to solidify working relationships and to create new potential business partnerships.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s much easier to find investors and those interested in your business model if you are capable of speaking and understanding their language without the assistance of a translator, as this helps to build trust and a real working relationship.

Finally, learning foreign languages also improves your overall mental agility. Understanding more than one language can improve your memory and slow the brain’s aging.

(Editor’s note: learn more about the mental benefits of being bilingual here!)

Methods for Learning a Second Language

So now that you know the benefits, what’s the best way of learning a foreign language? These days, it’s possible to learn a language with the use of both traditional and online methods.

While language tutoring is a go-to method, as you’ll get a customized lesson plan based on your language-learning goals and learning style, it’s also smart to use additional tools and resources in between your lessons. Lingualia, for example, is a free online tool and resource with games and interactive lessons. Incorporate private lessons and additional resources into your learning, and you’ll set yourself up for career-boosting success!


Alfonso Sachettini is the co-founder of Lingualia, a mobile application for language learning available for iOS and Android. 

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