The Best Spanish Learning Software - Reviews and Prices

The Best Spanish Learning Software: Reviews and Prices

What are the best Spanish learning software options available today? Here, New York, NY tutor Lauren P. reviews two of the best products on the market…


With hundreds of methods for learning Spanish these days, where do you even start? On your search for the best Spanish learning software for you, you’ll want to take your learning style, commitment level, and budget into account. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best user-friendly options to consider.

Of course, I am sure you are aware that working alone on a computer will not give you the confidence and real-world practice to have a fluent conversation with an actual person. But these programs can give you a head start and really solidify your interest in the language. With the support of the best Spanish learning software programs available, your next step is to put your skills to the test with a private Spanish tutor.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is the most widely acclaimed language-learning software in existence, and offers a no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee. To begin, you’ll select from a CD-ROM, download, or online subscription to master Spanish in Latin American or Spain. For all three forms of the software, you can choose from three pricing packages: Level 1 is $179, level 1 – 3 is $399, and level 1 – 5 is $499. All three forms offer interactive lessons, activities, and assessments. The CD-ROM and downloadable versions allow up to five users to use the software on up to two computers, while the online version grants you access to apps and games for your smartphone or tablet.

While the lessons help users learn basic vocabulary and verb tenses, how to hold introductory conversations, and so on, Rosetta Stone lacks an emphasis on cultural information. Keep this in mind if you’re looking for a well-rounded education.

Ouino Spanish

You can download Ouino for only $99 or order the CD-ROM for $115The complete collections allow you to become fluent in Spanish through its five components of pronunciation, conversation, grammar, vocabulary, and verbs. What sets Ouino apart is that you can choose the order in which you learn various components instead of following a strict progression. Similar to having your own private tutor, you can choose what skills you learn at any given session.

In addition to testing mastery, you can adjust the audio speed from fast to slow, rate how confident you feel after each lesson, and keep track of which lessons you want to review in the future. The user-friendly activities and assessments give you full control to ensure the instruction matches your learning style. Ouino also allows you to prioritize the skills and vocabulary that are most relevant to your needs. Whether you are planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking county, scheduling meetings with Spanish-speaking contacts at work, or want to converse with neighbors or new family members, Ouino allows you to focus on your priorities.


Remember that in addition to practicing Spanish content on a computer, you will need to practice speaking Spanish with an actual person. This is why hiring a private tutor is absolutely essential to becoming conversationally fluent in Spanish. Practicing computer-generated Spanish prepares you for just that — computer-generated Spanish. Even the best programs can’t give you the real-world practice to become conversationally fluent.

Your private tutor will provide authentic practice while offering constructive feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and word choice. Learning a language is not like riding a bike — you need daily authentic practice, so make time in your schedule to meet with a tutor. Combine these resources and you’ll be set for success!

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LaurenPLauren tutors various subjects in New York, NY. She has her Master’s Degree in Education (with a concentration in students with learning disabilities), and is a certified NYC Special Education teacher. Learn more about Lauren here!



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