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9 MORE Amazing Benefits of Piano Lessons

May 23, 2018

9 MORE Amazing Benefits of Piano Lessons

9 More Benefits of Piano Lessons

We’ve discussed the benefits of playing the piano on the blog before, but there’s always more to learn! It seems like every time we turn around, a new study has emerged that proves just how important music is to our brains, our emotions, and even our social behavior.

Our friends at recently pulled together a great round-up — complete with videos and stats — with some of the most interesting benefits of piano lessons and music in general. Below are a few we think are worth repeating!

Taking Music Lessons Improves Brain Plasticity.

What’s more is that the benefits of learning to play an instrument persist long after a child stops taking lessons. Numerous longitudinal studies indicate that taking music lessons as a child increases brain plasticity, and can help men and women — get this — resist the effects [of aging] and cognitive decline! Yes, learning to play piano actually keeps you young at heart, or more specifically, young up top. None of that “live fast, die young” nonsense. We say “learn piano, live long and prosper,” yo.

Playing Improvisational Piano Pieces Makes You More Creative.

Put on the spot? Wishing you had the ability to think on your feet? Want to be more spontaneous? Well fear not, because evidence based on research shows that the brain regions involved in creative playing, known in scientific circles as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (what a mouthful!), are active when a pianist plays an improvisational piece. This brain region has been linked to suppression of stereotypical responses and instead generates more improvised actions. To put it in layman terms, this means playing whatever comes to mind on a piano may in fact help you be creative in other aspects of your life, as it triggers the part of our brains that leads to those “Eureka!” moments.

Those are just two of the interesting facts OnlinePianist rounded up… continue reading the rest of the article here!

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Readers, what benefits of piano lessons have you discovered first-hand? Share your story in the comments! 

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