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50 Fun French Games That Will Help You Master the Language

August 11, 2021

50 Fun French Games That Will Help You Master the Language

50 Fun French Games

Whatever your level of French mastery, you can always improve your language skills by playing fun French games!

In this list, you will find 50 of the best games from France and beyond that can be played alone, with a partner, or in a group. You’ll learn French card games, video games, traditional games, and more.

Not only are the options below great for having a blast in your target language, but they’re just as fun as you gain more vocabulary and achieve fluency. These are games that are played by fluent French speakers, so they won’t get old as you build your skills.

So, whether you’re just starting to explore this romance language or you’re simply looking to polish your conversational skills, playing these games in French is the perfect place to begin. Are you ready to have some fun? Let’s get started!

What Are The Best Games in French?

The best games in French include old-fashioned gems like Piquet and Belote, new fangled video games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, classic French learning games like Escargot, and of course, time tested party games like Qui Suis Je? 

While you’re playing, don’t forget to incorporate these common French phrases: 

French Card Games

Card games

1. Piquet

A trick-taking game played by two people, Piquet dates back to at least 1535. If you enjoy card games, purchasing a Piquet deck is a good move, as the cards are needed for many other fun French games, too.

2. Bezique

A derivative of Piquet, Bezique requires two decks and offers additional scoring opportunities.

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3. Belote

One of the best French card games, Belote requires two, three, or four players, depending on the variation. Rules vary around the world, but you should try the French version for an authentic experience.

4. French Tarot

After Belote, the most popular card game in France is Tarot, also called Jeu de Tarot. It typically requires four players, but three or five can play when you use a variation.

5. Bouillotte

This is one of the quickest French card games to play. It uses a Piquet deck but with just 20 or 24 cards, depending on the number of players. Bouillotte involves betting, calling, raising, and dropping out, much like poker.

6. Lanterloo

Also called Loo, Lanterloo is a trick-taking game originating in the 17th century. Today, there are many variations, all of which are quite like the English game All Fours. You can play with 3 to 8 players but it is best with 5 to 7.

7. Rams

Another one of the many French card games to choose from, Rams is similar to Lanterloo except you can play with up to nine people. In the U.S., a version of Rams is often played as Rounce with a 52-card deck, but the traditional French game calls for Piquet cards.

8. Polignac

Polignac also goes by the names of Jeux des Valets and Four Jacks. Although it is related to Hearts and Black Lady, it uses a Piquet deck. Games usually require three to six players, but it is possible to play with more by using a 52-card deck.

9. Commerce

For a larger group, Commerce is ideal, as you can play with up to 10 people using either 52, 40, or 32 cards. Much like Thirty-One, the aim is to finish a round with the best three-card hand.

10. Mille Bornes

Meaning “thousand milestones,” Mille Bornes is an easy game to play in French, as you only need to learn a few words and know the numbers.

11. Manille

Yet another option for the Piquet deck, you can play Manille with just two people, but it is best to have four players competing in pairs. As you can see, there are tons of fun French games that you can play with a Piquet deck!

French Learning Games


12. KidSpeak

KidSpeak is a package of interactive computer games that introduces children to the French language, but adult beginners can use them too! These fun French games cover a variety of topics across three levels of difficulty.

13. Puzzles

Crosswords, word searches, and other puzzles are ideal for learning French words and simple sentences. You can find plenty for free online, or in puzzle books at your local bookstore.

14. Tongue Twisters

There are a huge number of tongue twisters in French. Use them to learn new vocabulary and push your pronunciation to the limit.

15. Hangman

Think of a French word and ask a friend to determine what it is by playing hangman. This is an ideal opportunity to practice the alphabet and some basic vocabulary.

16. Escargot

Meaning “snail,” escargot is a game like hopscotch featuring 15 to 20 numbered squares in a spiral formation. Players hop on one foot to the center of the spiral, and those who succeed write their initial in any square.

Subsequent players must not land in marked squares, making it increasingly difficult to reach the middle as more squares have initials.

17. Role Play

Many of the fun games from France in this section don’t require any supplies, so they can be played any time you want to practice your French! In this game, simply create a scenario such as store clerk and shopper, and then practice the vocabulary you know in conversation with a friend.

Video Games in French


18. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Did you know you can switch the language of Wind Waker to French to practice your reading? With ample text, you are sure to encounter new vocabulary in this video game.

19. Indigo Prophecy

There are so many more fun French games you can play by simply changing your language settings. This one is available with full audio and subtitles in French, and the game has an extensive dialogue for extra practice!

20. Heavy Rain

Another story-heavy game, Heavy Rain will push your French skills to the limit as you work hard to make fast decisions.

21. Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is a game from Quantic Dream, the French developer. Many gamers agree that the voice acting is actually of better quality in French than in English!

22. Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Although all the Assassin’s Creed games are available with French audio, Unity is a top choice purely because it is set in Paris at the time of the French Revolution.

23. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

If you have difficulty understanding French audio alone, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a great choice, as you can set the audio to one language and subtitles to another.

24. Minecraft

Minecraft is an ideal way to learn vocabulary you may otherwise not pick up. Play online in French servers to practice your conversation skills with French natives.

25. Mario Party

If you grew up playing Super Mario Bros., you’ll love the challenge of turning one of your favorites into French. Mario Party and some others are available to play as French games.

26. World of Warcraft

To interact with French speakers, you will need to purchase the French version of World of Warcraft. However, it is certainly worthwhile, as the large amount of communication needed provides you with an excellent opportunity to practice.

Fun French Board Games


27. Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk

This complex game involves passing through dungeons to defeat the sorcerer Zangdar and recover the last of Gladeufeurha’s statuettes. To win timed battles and skill checks, you will need to push your French skills to the max.

28. Scrabble

Many fun French games like this one are also available in English, so you’ll already be somewhat familiar with them! You can use a regular Scrabble board and create only French words, or purchase a French Scrabble set for a better mix of letters if you prefer.

29. Race to Paris

Race to Paris is designed to help players learn French. You will need to build sentences to earn points — the longer the sentence, the more points you receive.

30. French Bingo

Work on your speaking skills as well as recognition of words by playing French bingo. You can purchase a game or make your own by printing out cards.

31. Fief

Fief is a strategic game set in the Middle Ages. It is best to play with at least four people to form alliances and see a greater number of wins each round.

32. Spot It!

For beginners looking for simple yet fun French games, you can’t go wrong with Spot It! Match cards while learning basic French vocabulary with up to eight players.

33. Djam

Djam is slightly more challenging than some of the other board games, as it requires a greater knowledge of vocabulary to create words beginning with a certain letter on different themes.

34. Mundus Novus

Set in 16th century Spain, Mundus Novus is available entirely in French. The game involves accumulating enough doubloons and resources to beat your opponents.

35. Jarjais

Play during the French Revolution, collecting clues to gather details about the lost treasure and free Queen Marie-Antoinette.

36. Monopoly

Monopoly comes in a huge number of editions, including Paris-Saint Germain. The board and all the cards are in French, allowing you to practice your comprehension skills.

37. Off the Dead: Chapitre 1 – Morts à Venice Beach

The first chapter of the board game Off the Dead is available in French. Use your language skills to kill zombies while avoiding the loss of human lives.

38. Jeu du Nain Jaune

One of the classic fun French games, Jeu du Nain Jaune combines skill and luck. Rack your memory to create sequences in your favor and win rounds. This game is simple enough for kids but involves enough skill that it is fun for adults, too.

Fun French Games Online


39. Spelling Game

Identify the correct spelling of words and phrases, using a picture for help. In this spelling game, you can choose from numerous topics to practice different aspects of French.

40. Languages Online

The French section of Languages Online features 35 topics to learn, accompanied by several interactive tasks to practice each.

41. Lingo Hut

Featuring 109 lessons in French, each category has activities and fun French games to learn vocabulary.

42. Whack-a-Word

In Whack-a-Word, you must act fast to choose the right English translation of words in French.

43. Memorama

Most of these fun French games help you practice your language skills while you’re at it, and this one is no exception. This memory game will help you learn vocabulary for increasingly difficult topics.

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French Party Games


44. Karaoke

All you need to add karaoke to your party are French songs with lyrics and a microphone! You can easily find French karaoke versions of songs on YouTube.

45. Scattergories

Compile a list of categories and pick a letter at random. Participants need to think of as many words as possible beginning with that letter for each category. Award bonus points to those who come up with words no one else does.

46. Trivia

This is another one of our favorite fun French games that you can play anywhere. Make up your own questions or find some online. Play in teams to help each other out with understanding questions and figuring out answers.

47. Qui Suis Je?

You can easily turn the classic Who Am I? into French. Everyone receives a card with the name of a famous person (it’s even better if you use French celebrities). Stick the cards to your foreheads and ask questions in French to figure out who you are.

48. Maman, veux-tu?

Mother, May I? is a great game to enjoy practicing French in a group. Add complex commands that will be difficult to understand to make it a challenge for players to reach the finish line.

49. Sabine a dit

Sabine a dit is “Simon Says” in French. Start easy, gradually increasing the difficulty until only one player is left standing.

50. Pétanque

Take your daytime party outdoors to play Pétanque. Keep score by calling out numbers in French.

What Are YOUR Favorite French Games?

Playing fun French games like these is definitely a blast. But if you want to truly master the language try taking French lessons, or online French classes. The more French you have in your toolkit, the easier these games will become!

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