Creating Your “Brand” as a Singer

SingerIf you really want to make your mark in the music industry, presenting a distinct style – something that will set you apart and make an impression – is a big part of the package. Here, Antioch, TN voice teacher Erica S. shares a few valuable tips…


For most singers and actors, making a living out of your talent is the ultimate goal. In order to be a professional, we must treat our talent as a business. We may not be marketing experts because we spend most of our time in the practice room, but here are a few basic tools we can apply from the business world:

1. The first step a business takes to attract customers is to create a brand. A brand is a name, symbol or sign that differentiates one product from another. In the performing world, your brand is the type of character or voice type that you would normally perform. I know you are probably a singer and actor with tremendous range, but for marketing purposes, it’s good to know your niche and how others perceive you. Are you an ingenue? Are you the comedic best friend? Are you the antagonist? If you’re not sure what your brand is, take a look at your resume and see if there is a pattern to the roles you have played. If you are a beginner, you can ask your teacher what kind of voice and roles he or she would cast you in.

2. Once you’ve found your brand, use it on your marketing materials. Here are some suggestions that I believe every performer should have in his or her arsenal:

• Realistic Headshot: A good headshot is a great investment because many auditions are based on submissions of your headshot and resume. Your 8”x10” headshot should be a real representation of who you are, and give an indication of the kind of roles you play.

• Resume: Your resume should include your contact info, personal info (hair color, vocal range, etc.), your theater/singing roles, your training, and your special skills. Be creative with your special skills, but make sure it’s something you can actually do!

• Business Cards: Business cards are a great way to give someone your contact information if you happen to meet someone important on the street or in Starbucks. Also, keep in mind your brand. If you are an ingenue, you probably don’t want to have a dark business card with a skull and bones. Likewise, if you always play the scary antagonist, you may want to stay away from the pink butterflies.

• Website: A website is a great way to put your resume and videos online. You can invest money and buy your own domain, or you can use free websites like or to do the job.

• Demo Reel: A demo reel is a SHORT (3 minutes or less) video of your singing and/or acting clips to show your range and ability. Many directors want to see your reel before they give you an appointment for an audition – or some may just give you the job based on it!

Congratulations! Once you have these things figured out, the first part of creating your business is now over. Now go get those marketing materials into the right hands!

Antioch singing lessons with Erica S.Erica S. teaches singing, Broadway singing, music performance and acting lessons to students of all ages in Antioch, TN. Erica earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music from Samford University, and her specialties include rock, pop, country, belting and legit styles. She joined the TakeLessons team in October 2012. Learn more about Erica, or search for a teacher near you!

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