The Benefits of Piano Lessons

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Learning to play the piano leads the student of every age to delightful feelings of accomplishment as they make music at the keyboard.  The sounds produced from a single melody to full range of accompaniment of that melody are a joy to experience.

Greater concentration, coordination & confident listening come as students learn to interpret music at the piano.

Playing one line of music to multiple lines of music teaches eye ~ hand concentration.  Our right & left brain read music visually increasing our focus and concentration. Increased coordination of hands and eyes develop as well as directed listening.

Piano lessons lead to improved coordination of the eyes & hands leads to keener listening skills. Perseverance, and discipline in practice bring pride in the sounds produced at the keys. Higher levels of concentration lead to discriminatory decisions of playing for greater self expression. Continued confidence in reading leads to greater understanding of the composer’s ideas expressed in the music.

It is fun to express and hear music at the keys! Greater poise and sociability evolve as music is shared.  You cannot read music in a vacuum, as your playing is heard. Personal confidence and feelings of self achievement are felt as the difficulty level increases.  Personal interpretation of the composer’s ideas is creative.  Making music at the keys can lead to relaxation daily from the stresses we each feel. Personal ideas stated in our interpretation of music are valuable to our feelings of self worth and a joy to hear. Playing the piano well leads to confidence presenting our own verbal ideas, as well as at the keys.  Each learning step completed leads to feelings of accomplishment. It is a joy to daily hear and make beautiful music at the piano!

– Guest contributor, Joyce Scheel

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  1. Lara Mirinjian
    Lara Mirinjian says:

    Great post, Joyce!

    I love your focus on the joy of music. There are so many incredible benefits to playing piano and reading music from confidence to excitement. It can even prevent brain degeneration such as Alzheimer’s as we age.

    What’s amazing about piano is that one does not need to be a master of the instrument to reap these benefits–we can enjoy these benefits simply just by beginning to learn the basics: rhythm and note-reading.

    Having a specific focus on perfecting rhythm and sight-reading without stopping leads to a beautiful experience of what playing music can do for us. To get the MOST benefits from piano lessons, the basics must be mastered. This involves understanding note values and different rhythmic patterns as well as knowing how to read music.

    Simply put, beginning to learn the basics = begin reaping benefits of piano. Mastering the basics = get the most benefits of piano.

    After mastering the basics, beginning pianists will be well on their way to a much brighter, more joyful and more confident future!

    • Megan L.
      Megan L. says:

      So true, Lara! Even just learning the basics, you can begin to experience the joy of music and reap its benefits. Play on and have a wonderful day!


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