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Kory I.
Northridge, California
Learn to play the electric guitar with a college trained musician
With over 10 years of experience, I can teach you basic chord progressions, to advanced jazz progressions, improvisation, soloing, and many different techniques ranging from hammer ons and pull offs, to tapping and sweep picking. In addition, I can teach you how to utilize your guitar, amp, and any pedals you own to achieve the tone you are searching for.
About Kory I.

I graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Music, and have taught lessons for 10 years. I performed in Jazz Combo, Concert Choir, and Vocal Jazz, and played in numerous concerts and competitions. In addition, I am a songwriter, and have written many songs for my own band, and for other clients. I also work as a freelance producer, and record/mix at my home studio, and at professional studios. My personal philosophy to teaching is that every student is a unique individual. I always start by connecting with the student, and figuring out what interests/goals they have in mind. Then I craft a customized lesson plan that will help them achieve their goals, and work with their strengths and weaknesses. I practice patience and friendliness, and always do my best to inspire, motivate, and teach hard work/perseverance.

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Music, Business Major

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Electric Guitar
Teaches 10 subjects. Different subject may have different prices.
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Guitar.... Kory knows how to play it! Kory knows how to teach it!! I explored learning on the internet a few times, then stopped a few times, without feeling much more comfortable with the instrument. Kory's guidance and expertise has been invaluable. Fingers are getting nice and dexterous, ear becoming finely tuned, and the guitar feels much less foreign. I'm not in it for the theory, but even the essential stuff has been easily understood with Kory's help. After one lesson, or even after watching his videos on here, it's easy to see his mastery, or rather, his union with the guitar; you know you're in good company. He can help pinpoint where you might be getting stuck, a slight change of hand placement, thumb location, and then suggest what to explore next. He makes it seem like it isn't hard- Because it isn't, but being with someone in the room, who knows what to do, can help you give your thoughts a break, to be quiet, and less critical, and just play(and then be less quiet, and keep playing). I'm rambling- If you're curious, do a lesson with Kory. Start with one. It's not hard. Bye now.

Posted Oct 26, 2021
Teacher's Studio

My 10 year old wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar. We found Kory through take lessons and hes happy we did. He has made good progress in the time hes been going. We will keep going back for more lessons. He really enjoys the lessons.

Posted Mar 22, 2021
Teacher's Studio

If you are looking to learn how to play guitar, look no further. Kory is an excellent teacher and takes his time showing you how to break down complex skills. He is super patient I’ll tell you that forsure. Im a very slow learner and it really sucks but Kory reassured me that everyone has different paces and we shouldnt compare them. Ive definitely improved a lot with just 10 sessions.

Posted Mar 17, 2021
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Jazz Combo
Jun 2012 - Present
Cal Poly Pomona/GHCHS
I played lead/rhythm guitar and bass in my High School Jazz Band, and in Jazz Combo at Cal Poly Pomona. We played standard jazz tunes, and reinterpretations of pop and experimental songs.
Assistant Teacher
Mar 2012 - Present
Nightingale Middle School, John F. Kennedy High School
I work with the music teacher Suzanne Jones (Presently at John F. Kennedy High School) and teach kids how to play guitar and how to work together as a band. I also help students record projects, and currently teaching students at Kennedy how to record and mix in Pro Tools LE.
Music Lessons
Jul 2011 - Present
I have taught music lessons for over 10 years both online, and in person. Specialties include guitar, and music theory, and have also taught lessons in songwriting, recording, mixing, singing, and bass guitar. I've taught over 100 students ranging from toddlers, teens, parents, and the elderly.
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Sep 2016 - Sep 2018
Cal Poly Pomona
I sang Bass and Baritone in Cal Poly's Vocal Jazz Ensemble. It is a much smaller group then Concert Choir (about 10 people) and have performed songs such as "Desafinado," "The Pink Panther," and some pop songs by Bruno Mars and Pentatonix. In addition, I trained under professor Kendra Vuk (Vocal Jazz Director) for about two years, and have performed at several festivals including the Fullerton Jazz Festival, and the Oceanside Jazz Festival.
Music Theory Tutor
Sep 2014 - Sep 2018
Learning Resource Center
I tutored music majors in music theory I, II and III, and helped students understand chordal theory, four part harmony, and modal relationships. I also helped develop their listening skills by practicing different ear exercises that involved identifying intervals, chords, modes, and chord progressions.
Concert Choir
Sep 2015 - Jun 2016
Cal Poly Pomona
I was a Baritone in Cal Poly Pomona's Concert Choir. That year we sang Carmina Burana, a famous classical piece over an hour long, with over 17 different sections
Music, Business Major
Aug 2013 - Jun 2018
Cal Poly Pomona

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Instructor details
Electric Guitar
Teaches 10 subjects. Different subject may have different prices.
This teacher is not currently accepting students