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Clarity of techniques and principles, varieties of practices, depth of experiences, integration with daily life-- I find these to be lacking in a lot of popular teachings on mindfulness meditation, and I hope to do my part to remedy that. Meditation is about a lot more than just following your breath and getting relaxed. It's a powerful tool for exploring and unlocking the potentials of this wonderful human consciousness we are born with.

My formal background is in studying consciousness through psychology and neuroscience research, but over the past 8 or so years I've really gravitated towards exploring and engaging with consciousness directly through spiritual practices. I've grown to see how much potential there is for engaging fully with the richness of life, transforming your relationship with difficult experiences in a way that can be healing, feeling connected to deep sources of well-being that are always with you, and flourishing in your experience of love and compassion.

My primary meditation teacher has been Shinzen Young. I've been studying and applying his teachings for the last 7 years and have attended 8 cumulative weeks at his meditation retreats. Shinzen has decades of experience as a meditator and teacher, with heavy influences from Zen and Theravada Buddhism. Recently he's developed a synthetic framework for understanding and guiding spiritual practice which he calls "Unified Mindfulness," and this system is largely what I'll be teaching.

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Ph.D. Psychology
Sep 2008 - Aug 2013
Columbia University
B.S. Computer Science
Sep 1999 - May 2003
Cornell University


Fluent / Native Proficiency

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Amy Aug 21, 2017
· In studio

I have some experience meditating at a week-long retreat, community events, through my workplace, or casually with friends. What strikes me about Brian is the thoroughness with which he engages with meditation. He truly lives and breathes the practice, no pun intended. Because of his academic background in psychology and personal interests in philosophy, one of my favorite things about meditating with Brian is discussing how meditation can help us better inform ourselves and our place in the world--and more importantly, how we we can use a meditative practice to improve our experiences in life. If you want to get into some fascinating and cerebral conversations about the human perceptual experience, Brian is uniquely qualified. However, I don't think he gets caught up in the headiness. There were many mediation sessions in which we said nothing. He's simply a pleasure to meditate with and I highly recommend him.

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JD Aug 17, 2017
Meditation · Online

Brian is a triple threat when it comes to understanding the mind: he is a highly respected cognitive neuroscientist, he is well versed in the philosophy of mind, and he has many years of experience with the introspective exploration of the mind via meditation. Combine that with the fact that, on top of being brilliant, he is kind, engaging, an extremely good listener, and genuinely interested/concerned with what’s going on with his students, and you have a truly exceptional meditation instructor.

Whenever I run into a roadblock in my practice, Brian always has some insightful analogy or other bit of wisdom that I can use as a tool to better deal with that roadblock in future sessions. Whenever I have what feels like a breakthrough, small or large, he again has something delightfully insightful to say that cultivates excitement and curiosity about what might lay ahead. He is extraordinarily perceptive when it comes to knowing where you are in your practice and extraordinarily efficient when it comes to giving you the relevant tools to strengthen and deepen that practice.

To echo what others have said, every conversation with Brian really does feel like a gift (because again, his particular combination of brilliance and compassion just doesn’t tend to exist). He will inspire you and elevate your practice. I can’t recommend him enough.

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Erik Aug 16, 2017
Meditation · In home

I developed an interest in meditation a few years ago. After some initial success, I began to find difficulty adding depth and consistency to my practice.
Years of intermittent meditation yielded little more than stress relief and the occasional insightful thought.

After discussing my struggles with Brian, he suggested that we sit for a guided meditation. All I can say is that I wish I had done it sooner. Brian was patient, he took care in helping me establish a practice that is sustainable, and rewarding.
I consult with Brian regularly. He has great character and his intuition, paired with a scientific background and years of experience makes for a highly effective sessions.
His guidance has helped me attain the richness & depth I had hoped for when I first began meditating.

Thanks Brian!

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Elina Aug 12, 2017
Meditation · Online

Brian is a brilliant, authentic, generous meditation teacher and scientist. Being in his presence is a true gift for which I am deeply grateful.

I warmly recommend Brian to anyone interested in cultivating a meditation practice and especially to those with a scientific mind, since Brian belongs to the rare bread of those who are fluent in both spirituality and science.

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Daron Aug 10, 2017
Meditation · Online

Brian brings to his teaching efforts a rare combination of intelligence, curiosity, and warmth. What more could a person ask for in a mindfulness coach?

As a student of mindfulness, you can feel confident that Brian's approach is grounded in his study of neuroscience and in the consistency of his own meditation practice.

I highly recommend Brian based on his expertise and his sincere desire to help you cultivate a kind, curious investigation of this liberating practice.

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Rick Aug 9, 2017
Meditation · In home

I'm honestly surprised by how quickly I've been able to deepen my practice since starting to work with Brian. I've been meditating for a while on my own but I'm making far more progress now. Every session is interesting and encouraging.

Seeing Brian work in groups its obvious to me that he very aware of the individual needs of his clients and is able to offer techniques that are specific and effective for each person. He's an attentive listener, very approachable and just a cool guy to be around. I highly recommend Brian!

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Becky Aug 9, 2017
Meditation · In home

I was having some splitting headaches for months at a time, and Brian took me through several guided meditations during that time over the phone. On some of those occasions my headaches stopped altogether (when even heavy painkillers had previously failed to cut through it!) and the sessions always reduced my acute tension to some degree.

Though the pain relief was wonderful on its own, the best part of the sessions was the incredibly uplifting emotional effects! There were several times when I found myself experiencing total emotional and mental peace during what was otherwise a period of incredible stress. The experience was intuitive, productive and relieving and it even made it easier for me to achieve the same ends when meditating alone.

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