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Baruk N.

Orlando, FL

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Baruk teaches: Ages 18 and up
Teaching since: January 1990
Last sign in: Last week


IV BB Martial Arts (taekwondo/hapkido)
Reiki therapist
Yoga therapist
Personal wellness coach
Personal trainer

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One of my favorite!!!!


personal trainer/instructor
May 2009 - Aug 2013
LA Boxing

Personal trainer
instructor coach
managing of clients
martial arts instructor.(kickboxing)
Coach (boxing)

May 2002 - Feb 2011
Grandmaster choi martial arts academy

Coach/ teacher
Guide and train the team and various tournaments

Master instructor
Jan 2008 - Jan 2011
Martial arts academy

Master and manager school
Teach/ instructor/ and organized school

Assistance instructor
Mar 1994 - Aug 1998
"Martial Arts Academy master cho"

Programming schedule
Teaching w clients all ages
Front desk assistance
Overall managing of the school


Personal wellness coach
Jan 2008 - Jan 2010
Personal trainer
Jan 2008 - Jan 2010
Reiki Therapist (channeling of energy)
May 1993 - May 1995
holistic temple (college point, ny)

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency


IV degreed black belt martial arts
Jan 2011
Grandmaster choi martial arts academy

4 degreed black belt hapkido /taekwondo
Master level

III degreed level martial arts
Jan 2006
Grandmaster choi martial arts academy

3degreed level black belt hapkido /taekwondo

II degreed level martial arts
Jan 2003
Grandmaster choi martial arts academy

2degreed level in hapkido taekwondo
Assurance instructor for then and on

I degree black belt martial arts
Jan 2001
Grandmaster choi martial art academy

1 degreed level hapkido/taekwondo


Panamerican games 96
May 1996
Panamerican games federation

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Sher Apr 17, 2017
· Strength and Conditioning · In studio Baruk is one of the best trainers I've had for learning how to not only condition my strength more but also to learn self defense and boxing techniques. I feel great everytime I leave his class and I look forward to the next one. He pushes you to succeed in the workouts he gives you and little by little with time you see yourself improving week after week. I've been going once a week for a few months and I feel such a difference in my strength and I'm seeing results. I take what I learn and I also apply them to when I go to the gym on my own on certain workouts he gives me. I definitely recommend him!
Adriana Feb 21, 2017
· Kickboxing · In studio Baruk is such a lovely person, knowledgeable and will not let you get away with half effort performance. I have been working out for a very long time but my workout experience in kickboxing with Baruk had me feeling muscles, apparently, I forgot about. I learn so much from him and feel like I am definitely able to defend myself if I must. The best thing about working out with Baruk, is that regardless of what you are doing he helps you connect mind body soul to reach your optimal health. 10 min at the end dedicated to stretching and the whole experience.
Kristofer Jan 2, 2017
· Kickboxing · In studio Having met Baruk has added tremendously to my life, both physically and spiritually. He will push you to your limits and constantly require you to surpass yourself, but its's all for good. If you are looking for the best mentor around to accompany you in whichever journey you have set for yourself that you think kickboxing can help, than search no more; he is the man you need to meet!
Tiffany Nov 17, 2016
· Kickboxing · In home I am glad I found Baruk, he is awesome, great teacher! I was nervous at first but he is very nice and helpful. the workouts are great, lately they have been kicking my butt and I always feel like I can't do it but he always pushes you and motivates you to keep going which is helpful! I love the meditation we have at the end, it's a perfect wine down after all the kickboxing. It was awkward at first but now I can't imagine a workout without meditation at the end. I always leave feeling way better and refreshed than I came in for sure. I definitely would recommend Baruk to anyone.
kristofer Nov 5, 2016
· Boxing · In studio A great experience. Baruk is an outstanding coach
kristofer Nov 5, 2016
· Boxing · In studio A great experience. Baruk is an outstanding coach
Walid M. Oct 13, 2016
· Kickboxing · In studio One of the best experienced training I ever had
Michele Aug 6, 2016
· Yoga · In studio Antonio is a top-notch yoga instructor. The poses and movements are centered around the breath with an ample warm-up time. The meditative time is warm and healing, often accompanied by aromatherapy, reiki therapy, and Tibetan singing bowls. The yoga is very therapeutic yet appropriate for all, beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Antonio is very caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable about yoga. I would highly recommend him as a yoga instructor.
Bella Jun 4, 2016
· Reiki · In studio Let me start by saying that I believe Reiki Therapy its good for anyone and everyone. The sessions I had with Baruk not only allowed for me to truly clear my mind, but also gave me time to re-energized my body so that I could take my daily hustles head-on. what I was most impressed with was his true insight about me as a person. The talks that followed the sessions were just as beneficial for me as the actual sessions. They help me take a deeper look at things that I had been neglected and allowed me to truly believe in myself and my inner strength. Baruk was very calm and grounded so I was very open to his input and suggestions again, I strongly recommend this to everyone no matter the situation you are in.
Thank you Baruk for a wonderful experience!!!!
Brooklyn NY
DC Apr 14, 2016
· Yoga · In home This yoga class is like no other I have ever taken...the energy is so powerful you immediately get right into the spiritual part of yourself.
Baruk, opens your mind, body and spirit all while making you crack a sweat! He pushes you just the right amount, preparing your body for the extra mile.
The end of the session is by far my favorite! The Meditation/Reiki really seals the deal giving me an attitude of "I'm ready for anything that comes my way".
Taking these classes has been one of the best decision I've made in my adult life....I see life with a new sense of clarity after every class.
Baruk Neko
Baruk N.

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