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Lilly A.

We can work on your vocal technique (breathing, extending range of your voice, posture, and more) as well as your favorite songs!
/30 minutes

Benjamin K.

I teach singers of all genres (country, classical, pop, bluegrass, rock…) to sing with confidence and freedom! I have a M.M in vocal performance from the Chicago College of Performing Arts and have extensive operatic training. I teach a technique that allows the singer to sing with freedom, and access their entire range evenly. I also work with students to develop style, interpretation, languages, and acting ability.
/30 minutes

Josh F.

Singing is one of the most challenging and rewarding areas of musical performance. It's so personal and expressive that a lot of us feel uncomfortable approaching the voice at all. I've been singing and performing for over a decade. Using proper breathing technique and customized warm-ups I can help you become the best possible singer you can be!
/30 minutes

Mia R.

Including warm-ups, repertoire, vocal technique, performance practice, breathing, phonation, pitch, diction, and musicality.
/30 minutes

Russell S.

If you are ready to start taking your guitar skills SERIOUSLY then stop wasting time and money on teachers who don't fully understand the instrument or subject matter themselves. My name is Russ and I have been playing guitar professionally for 20 years and teaching music and producing records for over 15. I have a Platinum #1 Billboard charting record under my belt, worked with artists such as Mac Miller, Sean Kingston, Red Velvet, Lifehouse and more; and have composed music to 100s of your favorite TV shows! Feel free to browse my official website for a full list of credits. Want to learn to shred guitar? Produce beats? Write your own songs? Dive into theory? Record yourself? This page is the one stop shop. Feel free to reach out with any requests or questions!
/60 minutes

Francesca V.

Most anybody can learn how to sing. Not most anybody can teach someone how. That's often the variable that matters. Francesca's studio flaunts performers all over the globe and on major TV networks. Her students have been featured on The Voice, America's Got Talent and even won a Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent. With hundreds students wandering thru her doors since 2000, Francesca's students have gone on to win Emmys and nominated for Grammy Awards. Not to mention the collection of voice teachers Francesca has mentored and influenced.
/30 minutes

Carolyn M.

Carolyn is a true triple threat teacher. She began working professionally at 8 years old and has since appeared on stage, in national commercials, recorded voiceovers, and booked principal roles in both film and television. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011 from the Boston Conservatory, where she majored in musical theater with an emphasis in directing. She is currently in the hit Off-Broadway shows “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” and “My Big Gay Italian Funeral”. In her spare time, Carolyn has always loved working with people who have a passion for the arts. Whether it’s in a classroom, at a dance studio, or sitting at the piano, Carolyn has worn the many hats of acting coach, voice teacher, dance instructor, music theory tutor, piano teacher, and college audition coach to name a few. Her masterclasses have been given throughout Long Island and New York City, with students ranging in age from 5-55! Winning first place in national dance competitions, receiving perfect scores on vocal/piano NYSSMA solos, getting cast as leads in theater productions, and being accepted to some of the most competitive college programs in the nation are just a few of her clients’ many accomplishments.
/60 minutes

Jesse M.

Beginner Learn the basic fundamentals of music so you can have a foundation to improve as a singer in an increasingly independent manner. Intermediate Learn about rhythm, melody, harmony, and dynamics and how they apply to singing. Develop skills for matching pitch as well as generating sense of pitch internally. Work to control and sufficiently support your breathing. Explore the elements of tone and diction that really make your singing sound good.
/30 minutes
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We love how she uses techniques that really does help the voice,and how to use breathing practices. Thank you Lilly .

Yordana Ribeiro (Singing lessons with Lilly A.)

I was a bit nervous about my singing lesson but Lilly made me feel more comfortable about singing. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from the first lesson. I'm excited for my next lessons!

Young (Singing lessons with Lilly A.)

Lilly immediately put my shy daughter at ease. She is an excellent voice teacher and also makes the lesson fun and enjoyable.

Christine Kaufmann (Singing lessons with Lilly A.)

I am very happy taking voice lessons with Lilly as evidenced by me willing to drive an hour to see her. She has a lot of knowledge and experience in singing and therefore understands my needs so that

lea (Singing lessons with Lilly A.)

We love how she uses techniques that really does help the voice,and how to use breathing practices. Thank you Lilly .

Yordana Ribeiro (Singing lessons with Lilly A.)

I was a bit nervous about my singing lesson but Lilly made me feel more comfortable about singing. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from the first lesson. I'm excited for my next lessons!

Young (Singing lessons with Lilly A.)

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