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These 5 Online Spanish Games Will Keep You Busy For Hours

online Spanish gamesReady for some fun? Take a break with an online Spanish game, and you’ll be learning and having fun at the same time! Here are 5 great options, rounded up by online tutor Marcus S...


Learning Spanish can be a daunting dask. One way to turn the stress into fun and make studying a new language more effective is to play games. In the digital age, that’s easy to do, because you can now play online Spanish games. All you need is your smartphone, tablet or laptop to have an on-the-go source of Spanish practice.

The Food Game From Digital Dialects

Digital Dialects offers 16 beginner-level online Spanish games, plus even more games for intermediate and advanced students. One of their many beginner level games teaches the names of common foods. First, you can study words by scrolling through pictures of food. The name of the food is given in both text and audio. For example, a picture of cheese shows “el queso” written above it, while “el queso” is also spoken. Next, you get to practice what you’ve learned by playing the food game. You can choose to play with text or with audio. A table full of illustrated foods items is displayed. The computer either shows you a Spanish food name or speaks it and you have to click on that food item.

Spanish-English Word Match offers this simple game for practicing Spanish vocabulary. Seven English words are listed in boxes on the left and seven Spanish words with the same meanings are listed across from them. The words are listed in different orders, so it’s your job to pair each word to its counterpart by clicking on an English word on the left and then the matching Spanish word on the right. (Example: “Pretty” matches “Bonito.”) As you play, the game will draw a different colored line between the two words you select. When you finish, click the Check Answers button and your answers will be graded with a green check mark or red “X,” along with a funny audio congratulations or critique, depending on how you score.

Spanish-English Cycle Race Game

This is one of many online Spanish games on Scholastic Teachers. You get to choose one of two characters, either Jenny or Zack. Next, you select your Spanish level, either Easy or Advanced. The game shows the two characters riding bicycles down the road. You’ll be asked questions in English and have to choose from the two choices given to help your character ride faster and win the race.

Mi cara en Español

This game from Apples 4 the Teachers uses only Spanish words and pictures, which is an ideal combination for learning a new language. You’ll see a blank drawing of a kid’s head beside the cut out images of the parts of his face. When you click on the the nose the computer says “nariz” and also shows the word. You then get to move the nose and other parts to the head until you’ve completed the face.

Limpia Tu Grammatica!

Another game from Scholastic, Limpia Tu Grammatica! teaches you Spanish grammar with one of Maggie’s Earth Adventures. You’re shown Spanish words such as “mirar” (“to look) and have to choose whether to put it in the recycling bin marked “Sustantivos” (nouns) or a “Verbos” (verbs). The words are set on top of illustrations of trash on a beach, so as you play, you’ll be cleaning up litter from the ocean.

These free online Spanish games are perfect for kids, high school students, and adults. So make sure to supplement the lessons you get from a great Spanish tutor with these games, whether it’s on the bus, between classes, before going to sleep, or any other time you have a few minutes to practice.

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