20+ Best Pinterest Boards for Learning French Online

Do you want to learn French or supplement your current French lessons with some new exercises? Below are 20+ of the best Pinterest boards for learning French online…

Chances are you’re familiar with Pinterest; perhaps you even have an account. While great for saving delicious recipes and décor ideas, Pinterest is also useful for learning French online.

There are hundreds of Pinterest pages dedicated solely to learning French, many of which are created by French teachers and language experts themselves. From French grammar to French culture, there’s something for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

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Since we know you don’t have time to browse through hundreds of pages, we’ve rounded up the 20+ best Pinterest boards for learning French online. We’ve even organized them into different categories to help you find what you’re looking for.

So whether you’re a student, a teacher, or just a lover of France, these boards are sure to inspire and educate you.

French Grammar and Vocabulary

1. French Learning from Language Comics: With over 90,000 pins and 21,000 followers, French Learning from Language Comics is a great resource for students. The board features an array of content, including fun French learning games and study tips.

2. Laura K Lawless: Virtual language teacher and creator of Lawless French, Laura K Lawless has a over 1,000 helpful pins for French students. Check out the “French Expressions” and “French Reading Practice” board for some awesome exercises.

3. Brenadette Rego: Language specialist, Bernadette Rego has over 60 boards that will help you learn French. We suggest taking a look at her ” French Games” and “French Verbs” boards.

4. Annette Gilleron: Creator of Learn French Lab, Annette Gilleron has curated tons of great content for French students. We especially love the “Fresh Video Tutorials” board, which features dozens of helpful videos.

French Culture and Travel

5. Let’s Move to France With Annie: Created by Annie—who moved her family to France for a one-year sabbatical—Let’s Move to France is great for those who might be considering moving or traveling to France.

6. Learn French with Talk in French: From French grammar to French music and food, Learn French with Talk in French is your one-stop-shop for learning all things French.

7. Comme une Française: Thinking about moving to France? Comme une Française, created by Géraldine Lepère, has 15 boards all dedicated to French culture. Géraldine will have you fitting into the French culture in no time.

8. Annick-Selfrench.com: Developed by French teacher Annick,  Annick-Selfrench.com features many tools and resources for learning French. She also touches on French tourism.

9. French Today: Created by the founder of French Today, French Today contains 12 boards dedicated to learning French online. In addition to French learning tips, French Today contain boards related to French culture.

French Teachers

10. For French Immersion: Perfect for teachers, For French Immersion offers an abundance of printable resources for learning French. For example, you can access printables for French grammar, vocabulary, and more.

11. Love Learning Languages: Useful for both students and teachers, Love Learning Languages has 10 different boards that cover a wide range of topics, such as French classroom ideas, beginner video lessons, and more.

12. Penny’s Primary Printables: Need some classroom inspiration? Penny’s Primary Printables has an array of resources for French teachers, including holiday and seasonal activities.

13. Teaching FSL: Useful for French teachers, Teaching FSL has several boards filled with engaging teaching ideas. From games to quizzes, there’s no shortage of activities in which you can choose.

General Languages

14. Fiona Busfield-Translator: While not solely dedicated to learning French, Fiona Busfield-Translator has a lot of inspiring content for language learners. We especially like the “Language Funnies” and “All Things France” boards.

15. Sarah @ Baby Bilingual: Do you have a child who is learning French? Sarah @ Baby Bilingual has an array of helpful tips on raising a bilingual child, including language-rich games and crafts for your little one.

16. World Language Classroom: With over 20 boards, World Language Classroom is a great resource for language teachers and students alike. Content covers all aspects of learning a language, from writing, speaking, and reading.

17. Jennifer Wagner: Creator of ielanguages.com, Jennifer Wagner is an expert in language learning. Check out her tips on learning French along with other languages, such as Dutch, Spanish, and Italian.

French Fun

18. French in Normandy: With over nine boards all dedicated to French, French in Normandy has a ton of great information for French learners. We especially like the “French Humor” board.

19. French Language for Bilinguals: Curated by Think Bilingual, French Language for Bilinguals is filled with language resources for kids and adults. From French music to French grammar, this board has over 800 pins.

20. Samantha Decker: Creator of The French Corner, Samantha Decker has curated 12 boards that every French language and culture lover will enjoy.

21. Yippee Learning: Besides language learning tips, Yippee Learning has several boards dedicated to French culture. Check out their “French Decor” and “French Painters” boards.

22.  TakeLessons Learning French: The TakeLessons’ French Pinterest board covers everything and anything French! From culture to language, you’ll find fun articles and images that will inspire you.

Happy Exploring

Learning French online has never been easier with websites like Pinterest. Browse through these 20+ boards to help reach your goals.

Do you have a Pinterest board dedicated to learning French online? Tell us about it in the comment section below and we will add it to the list!

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